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Prime Status: Alive
Aliases: Though T's other aliases are not widely known, the following are rumored or speculated to either be T or to have been impersonated by T at various points (with various degrees of plausibility): Rext, the deeply cowled man of the Shadowed Alcove, Kurmin, Ponqzha, Lanival
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Associates: Rext, Beezell, Terald
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Known amongst Necromantic circles as simply T, the man (or woman, or creature) is a bit of an enigma. What little that is widely known points to someone who values the secrecy of his true identity to an almost pathological extent, while simultaneously showing an astonishing willingness to display his power and creations openly when it suits his purposes.

Appearance? and Personality

It is said that T does not appear directly to anyone, instead preferring to 'talk' through his Risen -- at least some of whom also seem to be uncannily talented in their own rights. However, recent events have generated significant speculation that T himself may be making far more appearances than originally thought, it's just that a combination of his access to ways to change his appearance, a penchant for acting, a willingness to take over the identities of whatever unfortunates he happens to find useful for his latest personal projects -- and perhaps a healthy dose of Corruption Magic -- makes it very difficult to ascertain who may or may not be T at any given point in time.

In recent years, T has developed a reputation for having a hand in a wide range of ventures as he has become more known and the evidence has been pieced together. From the murder and Walking of the archaeologist Terald and the theft (and rumored auction) of several artifacts connected to Necromancy, to the mutilations and other bizarre activities surrounding the shadowed alcove that once appeared inside Captain Kurmin's Giant Mechanical Spiders, to seemingly mundane undertakings like several merchant shops -- T is claimed to be the steering force behind them all.

Those few who have knowingly done work with T over the years and are at all willing to discuss him state that he seems to have a very odd sense of humor, and it is known that he has at least some sort of working relationship with one or more of the so-called Necromantic 'guildleaders' -- the powerful Necromancers who have stepped forward to teach their arts to a wider set of students in the wake of the coming of the Triumphant.