Svenblum's Wagon

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Svenblum's Wagon
Event Feast of Eluned 2
Owner Svenblum
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Toy shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Svenblum's Wagon, Inner Child]
The soothing scent of cedar fills the room while heat from oil lanterns warm the air. In the center of the room is a black walnut burl that appears to be a makeshift workstation. Various shaping tools, knives, and wood shavings clutter the burl. Flanking it are two unfinished chestnut benches overflowing with items for sale.
You also see a simple wooden door.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

On the chestnut bench
Item Price Done
silver kaleidoscope painted with a mermaid riding a large seahorse 27,500   No
brass kaleidoscope layered with multi-colored glass 24,375   
small kaleidoscope patterned with dancing barnyard animals 24,375   No
leather-wrapped kaleidoscope shaped like a telescope 24,375   No
seashell encrusted kaleidoscope with a copper eyepiece 25,000   No
On the chestnut bench
Item Price Done
multi-colored hobbyhorse with a hairy cow head 18,750   No
oak centaur hobbyhorse with a leather wrapped staff 18,750   !!!!
silver painted unicorn hobbyhorse with quartz chip eyes 18,750   No
blue trimmed hobbyhorse with a turquoise sequined seahorse head 18,750   

[Svenblum's Wagon, Cubbyhole]
The main embellishment in this shadowy corner of the workroom is a young silverwillow burl. A hanging lantern provides just enough light to view various nooks in the smooth burl itself.
Obvious exits: southeast.

In the small nook
Item Price Done
orange badge stamped with, "Dirge: Elanthia's Hot Spot!" 1,250   No
gold threaded badge embroidered with, "Leth runs circles around its guests!" 1,250   No
simple white badge stitched with, "It ain't easy bein' green!" 1,250   
black velvet badge stamped with, "Death happens!" 1,250   
red cotton badge embroidered with, "Arthe Dale is the berriest place to be!" 1,250   
In the medium nook
Item Price Done
purple pinwheel stamped with multi-colored tarts 1,250   No
light blue and sea green pinwheel filled with a myriad of marine life 1,250   
gold and silver pinwheel with alternating dragons and griffons 1,250   No
In the large nook
Item Price Done
pot-bellied Gor'Tog marionette 25,000   
striped clown marionette 25,000   No
polka-dotted snowbeast marionette 25,000   No
colorful soldier marionette 25,000   No

[Svenblum's Wagon, Hideaway]
Very little adorns this nook of the wagon except a birch burl with an unassuming black box sitting on top. A small note is tacked onto the burl.
Obvious exits: none.

A small note reads:
"Dear Customers,

I have been expanding my toy horizons even further to encompass magic tricks. 
I hope you enjoy the magic sacks for sale here. Should they prove popular, 
I may try a few more magic trick items in the future."

Play on!

In the black box
Item Price Done
checkered cotton magic sack 50,000   No
cerulean velvet magic sack 50,000   
dark blue chenille magic sack 50,000   No

[Svenblum's Wagon, Play Corner]
This corner of the wagon appears to have been designed with a child in mind. Three sanded elm shelves filled with woodcarvings line the walls while small reed baskets nest in multi-colored throw pillows. A small teak burl sits in the middle of the area with an unpainted doll house resting on top.
You also see a delicate lemonwood table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the lemonwood table
Item Price Done
driftwood toy box shaped like a sea turtle 18,750   !!
unadorned cedar toy box 37,500   
oak toy box with a soldier painted on the lid 37,500   !!
On the elm shelf
Item Price Done
navy blue Thinpi doll 625   No
green felt Tihani doll 625   No
orange felt Svenblum doll 625   No
yellow felt Caramip doll 625   No
purple cotton Jyngle doll 625   No
multi-colored Inky doll 625   No
deep magenta Darrey doll 625   No
bright yellow Seihava doll 625   No
sky blue Maddy doll 625   No
On the elm shelf
Item Price Done
maple Rathan soldier figurine 1,500   No
elm Surlaeian soldier figurine 1,500   No
willow Rissan soldier figurine 1,500   No
ironwood Zoluren infantryman figurine 1,500   
ironwood Zoluren sailor figurine 1,500   No
redwood Therengian cavalryman figurine 1,500   No
fir llithian soldier figurine 1,500   
redwood Therengian infantryman figurine 1,500   No
ironwood Zoluren cavalryman figurine 1,500   No
ebonwood leucro figurine 1,500   
oak rock troll figurine 1,500   No
ironwood gargoyle figurine 1,500   
oak ring-necked gidii figurine 1,500   No
silverwillow water sprite figurine 1,500   No
cherrywood fire sprite figurine 1,500   
In the reed basket
Item Price Done
mahogany doll case etched with a single stargazer lily 25,000   No
cherrywood doll case bordered with copper filigree 25,000   No
birch doll case painted with a badger and fox tumbling together 25,000   No