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Something Is Growing...

(Sent 9/6/19)

​Deep beneath the temple of Su Helmas lie catacombs untouched by humanity for years. Within these chamber walls, an evil with the potential to end all life in Elanthia has taken root.

​The Seeds of Entropy are sprouting...



Su Helmas: Seeds of Entropy Begins Tonight!

(Sent 9/13/19)
Image updated to primary event graphic
Su Helmas: Seeds of Entropy Begins Tonight!

Save Elanthia!

Spectral terrors have begun to emerge from Su Helmas Temple! These terrible, non corporeal beasts have been rumored to hunt for the blood of the archeologists or -- arguably worse -- fly off into the distance to wreck malevolence elsewhere.

Pouring over the information and visions available, archeologists have discovered innumerable pods deep within the temple called the Seeds of Entropy. And now, whether due to the recent activity or a simple quirk of ill-timed fate, they have begun to sprout.

Adventurers are now needed to brave the depths of Su Helmas, find the Seeds of Entropy and try to stem the tide of monsters coming forth from them. If left unchecked, these beasts could destroy Elanthia as we know it!

Explore Su Helmas!

For those who have never been to Su Helmas Temple, prepare for unparalleled adventure, danger, and heroism! Su Helmas is filled with fun things to do, including:

Solving the Ward Puzzle!
Killing Clockwork Monstrosities, Rafflesia, Mantraps, Arisen Ghouls, and more!
Preventing the Seeds of Entropy from hatching!
Earn Fame and exchange it for awesome prizes!

Speaking of prizes, Su Helmas is loaded with unique treasure and new items that you'll definitely want to get your hands on! These include:

Teleportation Tattoos!
Portable Trash Receptacles!
Glass Orb Stacker!
Special Shadow Servants!
And much more!

Interested in winning some of these new items while saving Elanthia from The Seeds of Entropy? Report to Su Helmas TONIGHT at 9:00PM (ET) and speak to Violet Empath if you think you have what it takes. Don't forget to grab your tickets!

Su Helmas: Seeds of Entropy Ending Soon!

(Sent 9/20/19)
Image updated to primary event graphic

Su Helmas: Seeds of Entropy Ending Soon!

Su Helmas: Seeds of Entropy will be ending this Sunday, September 22nd, at 10:00pm (ET). That means you've only got a few days left to prevent the Seeds of Entropy from unleashing eternal darkness upon Elanthia!

As we approach the final days of Su Helmas, be on the lookout for exciting new items that you won't be able to get anywhere else! Don't forget to grab your tickets!