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The STORE command is used to change the settings of the STOW command.


The STORE verb allows you to set a default container to store certain types of items in. In addition, you can choose to stow items with a certain phrase in a custom container. If you do not choose a container for an option, those items will go into your default container. To see what containers you have currently set, type STORE LIST.

To use the STORE verb, you can:

  • STORE [option] in [container] - Chooses a container to store a specific kind of items in.
  • STORE [option] - List the location that you are storing a specific kind of options in.
  • STORE [option] CLEAR - Clears the container that you have set.
  • STORE CUSTOM [phrase] in [container] - Sets a container to store items with the specified phrase in (32 characters max).

Valid options are:
  AMMO - Ammunition.
  ARMOR - All kinds of armor, excluding shields
  GEMS - Gems and bars. (Ore is stored in your DEFAULT container always, including bars)
  HERBS - Raw herbs (not potions or tinctures)
  INSTRUMENT - Instruments
  LOCKPICK - Lockpicks
  MELEE - Melee weapons.
  RANGED - Ranged weapons.
  BOXES - Treasure chests from creatures.
  SHIELD - Shields.
  SKINS - Anything that you skin off of a critter.
  THROWN - Thrown weapons.
  DEFAULT - All other items.

Example: STORE GEMS IN BACKPACK will put all gems in your backpack.

Example: STORE CUSTOM TINCT IN APRON will store any items that have a TAP that contains "TINCT" in your apron.

Note: You can only store things in containers that you are wearing.

CUSTOM settings will typically take priority. For example: You have HERBS set to store in your herb pouch, but you set a CUSTOM store for "flower" to go in your basket. Using STOW on a jadice flower will then result in it going to your basket, not your herb pouch.

Bugs and Troubleshooting

Oilcloth rucksacks don't work very well as STORE containers for reasons that are related to the way the appearance of the item changes. Same goes for weapon frogs, etc. Posts

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