Stolen from the Moons (1)

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Stolen from the Moons, Once Fallen
Event Rarely available
Owner Garnaal
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

This temporary merchant appeared in Hibarnhvidar on the evening of March 13, 2012. He is scheduled to be there for at least a week (unless things run out before then).

The inventory of this shop is subject to escalating prices. Use GET to check the current price.

[Stolen from the Moons, Once Fallen]
Swags of pale moonsilk drape from the middle of the room, creating a tent-like atmosphere. Plush rugs cover the floor from end to end, muffling the sound of footsteps. Soft pillows make a pile against one wall and add to the lush feeling of comfort. A round table stands alone in the middle of the room, a thick candle centered on it.
You also see a rounded moonsilver sign.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, northwest, out.

A rounded moonsilver sign reads:

Welcome to my shop.

~  The metal is imbued with a miniscule amount of light from the moons.  It is pretty, not practical.

~  I will not be telling you how I make it, so do not ask!

~  Everything is limited when it is gone, it is gone.

~  If you do not like my prices, get out.

~  I will not be doing alterations this time.  If you do not like my work, get someone else to desecrate my masterpieces.

In the jewelry chest (which is on a polished round table)
Item Price Done
thick moonsilver bracelet embellished with forest's heart garnets 1,804,000   
complex moonsilver bracelet displaying lilac diamonds 1,353,000   
narrow moonsilver bracelet dangling a single volcano's heart citrine 902,000   No
dainty moonsilver bracelet dangling multiple violet's heart amethysts 902,000   
In the jewelry tray (which is on a polished round table)
Item Price Done
delicate moonsilver necklace dangling three violet's heart amethysts 902,000   No
slender moonsilver necklace dangling a single volcano's heart citrine 902,000   
complex moonsilver necklace displaying multiple lilac diamonds 1,353,000   
heavy moonsilver necklace inset with forest's heart garnets 1,804,000   No

[Stolen from the Moons, Blue Moon]
Flowing blue silk hangs down the walls, catching the light from the single lantern dangling on a long chain from the center of the ceiling. The blued glass has been cut with stars, casting their shapes onto the fabric. A round, deep blue rug holds a pair of pedestals.
Obvious exits: north, east, south, west.

On the narrow pedestal
Item Price Done
woven blued moonsilver tailband intertwined with chrysoprases 3,157,000   
complex blued moonsilver tailband studded with alexandrites 3,157,000   
heavy blued moonsilver tailband featuring an ocean's heart diamond 3,608,000   
fragile blued moonsilver tailband cradling a dwalgim 3,608,000   
On the silver pedestal
Item Price Done
delicate blued moonsilver anklet with an array of alexandrites 3,157,000   No
slight blued moonsilver anklet accented with a chrysoprase 3,157,000   
chainmail blued moonsilver anklet dangling an ocean's heart diamond 3,608,000   
heavy blued moonsilver anklet displaying a single dwalgim 3,608,000   No

[Stolen from the Moons, Darkness Falls]
Black silk lines the walls, billowing slightly whenever it's caught by a breeze to create ever-shifting shadows and light. Two sconces offer just enough light to see the wares displayed on matching redwood pedestals. A small rug woven to resemble intertwining black vines covers the floor.
You also see an indolent Shadow Servant.
Obvious exits: southwest, west.

On the redwood pedestal
Item Price Done
delicate blackened moonsilver earcuff shaped like a twisting vine 3,608,000   No
fragile blackened moonsilver earcuff fashioned into intricate filigree 3,608,000   
fine blackened moonsilver earcuff displaying a summer's heart sapphire 3,157,000   
thick blackened moonsilver earcuff dangling a crimson sapphire 3,157,000   
On the slender pedestal
Item Price Done
aurora tourmaline wyndblossom held by blackened moonsilver leaves 3,608,000   
stormfire topaz azalea affixed to a blackened moonsilver vine 3,608,000   
summer's heart sapphire water lily cradled by blackened moonsilver leaves 3,157,000   
crimson sapphire rose affixed to a blackened moonsilver stem 3,157,000   

[Stolen from the Moons, Red Moon Rising]
Sanguine-hued silk enclosing the area eerily reflects light from the many candles spaced around the room's edges, with each small fire encased in swirled black and red glass. Any shift of the fabric gives the illusion of blood and shadows running down the walls. Pedestals of blackwood share space on the center of the octagonal rug.
Obvious exits: east, southeast.

On the blackwood pedestal
Item Price Done
slender crimson moonsilver hip-chain displaying tiny geshi pearls 3,608,000   
thick crimson moonsilver hip-chain clasped with a winter opal 3,608,000   
chainmail crimson moonsilver hip-chain embellished with ocean jaspers 3,157,000   
woven crimson moonsilver hip-chain dangling midnight rubies 3,157,000   
On the tall pedestal
Item Price Done
intricate crimson moonsilver diadem displaying an ocean jasper 2,255,000   
thick crimson moonsilver diadem centered with a winter opal 2,255,000   
twisting crimson moonsilver diadem dangling a single midnight ruby 2,706,000   
delicate crimson moonsilver diadem adorned with multiple geshi pearls 2,706,000   

[Stolen from the Moons, Special Selections]
This section of the pavilion is done in pure white, needing very little light to keep the room lit. A few candles flicker from their holders on the wall, the metal painted to match everything else. Two pedestals flank a dressmaker's dummy, all of which rest upon a snowy, plush rug.
Obvious exits: south.

On the dressmaker's dummy
Item Price Done
exquisite chainmail gown crafted of moonsilver 5,863,000   
sold out
On the mistwood pedestal
Item Price Done
blackened moonsilver mask adorned with a stormfire topaz 4,059,000   !!
crimson moonsilver mask displaying midnight rubies 4,059,000   No
blued moonsilver mask dangling an alexandrite 4,059,000   !!
To wear these with head armor, you must wear the mask first.
On the silverwood pedestal
Item Price Done
graceful crimson moonsilver engagement ring cradling a perfect midnight ruby 3,608,000   
elegant blackened moonsilver engagement ring displaying a summer's heart sapphire 3,608,000   No
dainty blued moonsilver engagement ring adorned with a dwalgim 3,608,000