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Items that have the noun "stick" have several special applications irrespective of any other properties they have.

They can be used to write on wax labels, can be used to MIX containers, and to swing at pinatas.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Alabaster mixing stick carved in relief with ivyWhich Craft (1)true
Amber glass mixing stickOn the Mend (1)Item:Amber leather alchemist's kit graced by a burnished gold lionItem:Amber leather alchemist's kit graced by a burnished gold liontrue
Aspen toasting stickItem:Large embroidered cooking sack
Autumn hued beribboned pinata stickHidden Treasures (2)Hidden Treasures (1)
Autumn-hued beribboned pinata stickIn The Hollow (2)In The Hollow (1)
Balsa toasting stickItem:Large embroidered cooking sacktrue
Be-ribboned jester's stick painted with bright bands around its widthFeast of Eluned 1 auctiontruetrue
Beribboned pinata stick strung with candy-shaped charmsPremium Mini Festival 418true
Birch walking stick with a clear natural finishWalk This Way (1)true
Blackened stickItem:Colorful wandtrue
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