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Status Active
Race Dwarf
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Relatives Smavandree


You are Grandmother Starrezzer Hamarhowar of the Order of the Black Fox, a Dwarven Cleric. You have crystal blue eyes. Your red hair is very long and straight, and is worn pulled up in an elaborate four-stranded braid. You have fair skin. You appear to be mature. Your beard is encased by silken webbing held in place by a set of alabaster orb spiders. A shadowy orb rippling with silver arcs of light hovers like a will-o-wisp, following you diligently.

You have faint scuffing to the neck, tiny scratches to the left arm, faint scuffing to the left leg, faint scuffing to the right hand, minor swelling and bruising in the chest area compounded by cuts and bruises about the chest area, tiny scratches to the abdomen.

You are wearing some gloamstone prayer beads tethered to a frayed piece of silk, a radiant kertig tiara bearing a darkspine black widow spider, a lumium chain helm crafted from tempered links, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a light lumium plate mask crafted from tempered plates, a cylindrical ecosphere dangling from a twisted orichalcum chain, a prancing cambrinth fox affixed to a silver chain, a glassy ebon gedirdavu amulet, a pendant of chitin scrimshawed with the symbol of the Supplicants of the Tide, a tiny murder crow charm, a stately amaranthine spidersilk cloak clasped with an agonite spider, an effervescent eddy of honey-hued light captured by a sungold frame, a steel biomechanical harvester spider, a void-black sanowret crystal, an anloral scorpion pin, an ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron, a playful pin of two rats sitting on their haunches with fists raised, an enameled-iron black fox pin with bright amber eyes, a dragonfire brocade apron with a large front pocket, a tiny glass bottle, a soulstone wildling spider surrounded by a web of nightsilk, a kokona reed otter holt reinforced with Ilithic applewood, a spectrolite wildling spider with loimic legs, a clockwork steel black widow pin with its legs drawn in protectively, a plain copper brooch decorated with a small silver raven, an Ilithian river otter, a pilgrim's badge crafted from bone-white witchclaw bark, a plush pink cupcake crafted from worn velvet, an oversized raspberry-pink cupcake haversack with frost opal spider sprinkles, a battered whitleather surgical case with a crow-shaped vengeance ruby clasp, a multi-strapped carryall, a raspberry-pink spidersilk kimono tied with a cupcake and spider strewn bow, a flowing black deathfiber robe embellished with cambrinth spiders and cupcakes, a pale grey deathfiber corset with dark grey cotton cords, some nightmare black leathers, a dark cambrinth bracer engraved with a large spider, a carved gloomwood phylactery with a white leather strap, some elbow spikes, a glittery cupcake-shaped targe sprinkled with raspberry-pink spikes, a pale silver prayer bead chain, a finely-crafted wrist knife with a flaming anvil tooled upon the handle, a coiled dragon idol meticulously carved from sprite bone, a pair of pale white leather bracers lined with white fox fur, some dark steel hand claws with razor-thin blades, some lumium scale gloves crafted from tempered scales, a pair of oravir zills engraved with aspects of the Immortals, a wide silver thumb ring with a faded crest, a wide leather war belt with an agonite-inlaid gargoyle buckle, a cambrinth belt made of interlocking Harawep's Spiders, a fluffy raspberry-pink cupcake topped by a protectively posed plush wolf spider, a green gem pouch, a coarse burlap sack, a pale kirmiko pocket with reinforced seams, a lockpick ring, a worn tartan greatkilt of tans and blacks, a taffelberry-black deathfiber thigh bag with leather straps, a tooled leather thigh pouch covered with painted sunflowers, a black snakeskin thigh quiver painted with amber fox eyes, some blackened steel knee spikes, some steel-toed footwraps and some smoky silver slippers set with star-stones.


an oversized raspberry-pink cupcake haversack with frost opal spider sprinkles Look: Masterfully crafted from the finest red-scale leather, this clever container splits between cupcake and frosting. A bevy of sprinkled frost opal spiders skitter across the mesmerizing raspberry-pink songsilk frosting, a few dangling from the golden fringes along the edge. The cupcake half is a nubbly wool, appearing as if freshly baked. A single strap with a tomiek Harawep's Spider serves as the clasp to keep everything stuffed inside.

a raspberry-pink spidersilk kimono tied with a cupcake and spider strewn bow Enchantingly elegant, the soft robe clings tightly to the body showing off the wearer's figure. A shimmering silveress web stretches from shoulder to shoulder and down the back, accentuating the waist while a scattering of tiny arachnids crouch among the wispy threads. Each eight-legged form poises protectively over an iridescent cupcake.

A flowing black deathfiber robe embellished with cambrinth spiders and cupcakes. Exhibiting an air of enchanting elegance, the flowing folds of deathfiber drape artfully, shrouding the wearer in night-mottled darkness. Across the back spreads a large spiderweb, woven from silveress that shimmers with every movement. Cambrinth spiders and cupcakes scatter across the silvery web, the arachnids seeming to crouch protectively over the treats. Lush grey miniver fur completes the look, lining the hems and sleeves.

a fluffy raspberry-pink cupcake topped by a protectively posed plush wolf spider LOOK: A small hole seemingly nibbled out of the base of the cupcake forms an entrance for a pet kitten, and the inside of the confection is hollow to provide ample sleeping room for any darling inhabitant. A thin strip of mesh between the cake and frosting discreetly provides airflow to prevent the interior from becoming too stuffy. Standing guard atop the delicious-looking icing, a fierce wolf spider bears raised pedipalps, as if warning to all who would seek to harm the precious cargo.

an elegant e'erdream wand aglow with lilac moonsilver cupcakes and gold spiders The delicate silver cupcakes hold a lavender sheen that emits a soft silvery-amethyst glow over the polished wood while gold flaked black widow spiders offer a delicate contrast. Charms made of ruby cupcakes and opal spiders hang from the the top of the wand, that is topped with a giant pink cupcake with a spider gumdrop.

a vivid cupcake piled high with raspberry-pink icing and spider-shaped sprinkles. The tiny candy arachnids are bright with a rainbow of hues, strewn wildly across the vibrant pink frosting. A giant black widow shaped gumdrop stands proudly atop the cupcake as if claiming it for itself.

Flavor: You take a bite of the cupcake, and a whirl of sweet and tart flavors sweep across your palate. A soaking of berry liqueur suffuses the airy cake in bright acidity, balanced by a deluge of saccharine lusciousness from the cream-filled center.

a raspberry-pink wildlace cupcake-shaped prayer mat with tomiek spider-sprinkles Spun swathes of wildlace form the shape of a giant cupcake with frilly pink icing. The delicate wildlace layers over coruscating electroweave that adds some sparkling reinforcement. Chitinous tomiek spiders of various types are cast in lifelike detail and arrayed atop the web-like icing in imitation of sprinkles. Prominently displayed upon the cupcake's apex like a giant gumdrop, an opal black widow with ruby hourglass markings raises its legs in worship to Harawep.

Ultra Rare Items

a battered whitleather surgical case with a crow-shaped vengeance ruby clasp The hardened leather carries a slight brownish tint at the corners, as if blood had soaked through from the inside. Black silk lines the interior and is fit with small pockets and straps to hold various medical equipment. A large bird carved out of a blood-red gem secures the bag, its feathers veined with purple inclusions reminiscent of nightshade blossoms.

tyrium half-mask wrought from a clockwork matrix strewn with voilyne cogs Wrought from tiny mechanical gears fused together and shaped over a metal frame, each piece is meticulously shaded and highlighted with black and lilac paint to dramatize every contour.

lovely picnic basket interwoven with colorful ribbons Lovely goldwood branches are formed into a large oval basket entwined with multicolored silk ribbons. Every shade of the rainbow is represented, charmingly accentuating the woven basket and trailing from its curved handle. The picnic basket is currently closed. You can open it to set up your picnic.

dainty tamboti tea chest lined with whirlpool crepe The small container is designed to hold all the contents one needs to have a tea party for two, while a small hook on the back allows the chest to be affixed to the belt. Inside, a watery sheen enhances the silken fabric's three-dimensional spiraled texture reminiscent of swirling ocean currents.

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