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General Information

A staff sling is a long staff with a sling attached to the end, which is used to throw stones. These are currently the only ranged weapons with which one can be used to parry. Staff slings appraise exactly the same as slings, but are ten times heavier. They do not hinder and are not hindered by the presence of an armworn shield.

Due to the high weight, dismal damage, and absence of variety in this weapon class, it is almost never used, save for comedy or role-playing purposes. Still, it occupies a slowly growing niche--it can parry attacks, something no other ranged weapon can do, and as it allows the wielder to use a shield unimpeded, it has become a viable hunting tool.

Guild-Specific Abilities

  • Rangers and Thieves can snipe with a Staff Sling, allowing them to fire the weapon without coming out of hiding.
  • Barbarians and Paladins can parry ranged attacks with a staff sling, so long as the attacker is at melee range.

Recommended Weapons

  • All Staff Slings are identical.

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