Sputkin's Wagon

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Sputkin's Wagon
Event Temple Reopening
Owner Sputkin
# of Rooms 6
Store Type Container shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Sputkin's Wagon, Entry]
Decoration is sparse in the entryway. A cramped passage leads northward between stacks of empty crates, whose contents are presumably on display elsewhere.
You also see a black ironwood door.
Obvious exits: north.

[Sputkin's Wagon, Nexus]
This chamber is the most spacious in the wagon, providing ample room for a crowd to attend a sermon. A high white marble altar rises majestically in the middle of the room, flanked by tall silver candlesticks which cast a nimbus of warm light across its pale surface. Shallow alcoves surround the chamber, branching off in all directions.
You also see a polished oaken ladder.
Obvious exits: south, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest.

[Sputkin's Wagon, Small Alcove]
Soft black velvet tapestries drape the walls of this alcove, bathed in the light of a single candle held from an ornate platinum floor sconce.
You also see a long wall rack of weapons, a battered oak crate, a circular teak display table with some stuff on it and a twisted ebonwood stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the long wall rack of weapons
Item Price Done
blue-bladed longsword bearing a dolphin-shaped agate on its pommel 13,125   
iron-hafted mace with a brass snarling boar's head 6,100   
ironwood staff surmounted by the sculpted image of a jade wolverine 8,000   No
ironwood staff surmounted by a sculpted obsidian panther 6,425   
ironwood staff surmounted by a sculpted ebony raven 6,812   No
iron-hafted mace with a bronze roaring lion's head 4,312   !!
steel war axe with a boar-shaped oaken grip 26,933   
iron two-handed sword with an ox-skull grip 9,687   !!
On the circular teak display table
Item Price Done
tanned la'tami hide book bag clasped with a yellow topaz owl 28,116   
elegant satinwood vestment coffer draped with twining silver vines 70,932   
verdant green herb pouch appliqued with silken leaves and clasped with a golden cow charm 27,117   
vermillion blood wolf hide quiver with a gold wolverine clasp 25,875   
white jade incense case with a gleaming beryl mongoose clasp 36,275   
carved ebony incense case with an onyx scorpion clasp 21,741   
On the twisted ebonwood stand
Item Price Done
somber black linen cassock embroidered with the outline of a disheveled vulture 13,750   
crisp white linen cassock embroidered with a gentle grey dove 13,750   
sweeping black velvet mantle embroidered with an intricate web of jagged silver lightning 27,500   
regal blue satin mantle beaded with tiny water opal dolphins 52,438   
heavy storm-grey linen cloak fringed with shark teeth 11,250   
sweeping black silk cloak embroidered with a silver nightingale perched atop an olive branch 67,031   
fringed white silk cape embroidered with golden rays of light piercing through a pall of heavy clouds 36,913   
fringed black silk cape embroidered with a nest of green adders twining around a unicorn's horn 42,656   
On the battered oak crate
Item Price Done
bejeweled silver scepter ?   

[Sputkin's Wagon, Small Alcove]
This small alcove has been draped in pearlescent white silken tapestries. Several large candles held in delicate white-gold floor sconces bathe the area in a gentle glow, causing the tapestries to shimmer beneath the soft caress of the flickering candlelight. You also see a teak icon tree with some stuff on it, a sleek ebonwood table with some stuff on it and a glass-topped mahogany case.
Obvious exits: southeast.

On the teak icon tree
Item Price Done
Aldauth icon 14,316   No
Botolf icon 14,316   No
Huldah icon 14,316   No
Eylhaar icon 14,316   No
Truffenyi icon 14,316   No
Kuniyo icon 14,316   No
Everild icon 14,316   No
Phelim icon 14,316   No
Damaris icon 14,316   No
Firulf icon 14,316   No
Meraud icon 14,316   No
Beregaria icon 14,316   No
Hodierna icon 14,316   No
Divyaush icon 14,316   No
Kertigen icon 19,312   No
Alamhif icon 14,316   No
Hav'roth icon 14,316   No
Peri'el icon 14,316   No
Eluned icon 14,316   No
Lemicus icon 14,316   No
Glythtide icon 14,316   No
Seamus icon 14,316   No
Tamsine icon 14,316   No
Albreda icon 14,316   No
Faenella icon 14,316   No
Murrula icon 14,316   No
Chadatru icon 14,316   No
Rutilor icon 14,316   No
Zachriedek icon 14,316   No
Asketi icon 14,316   No
Kerenhappuch icon 14,316   No
Dergati icon 14,316   No
Trothfang icon 14,316   No
Ushnish icon 14,316   No
Drogor icon 14,316   No
Be'ort icon 14,316   No
Idon icon 14,316   No
On the sleek ebonwood table
Item Price Done
set of thirteen porcelain bells threaded on a thick brass chain 2,418   
set of thirteen brass bells each etched with a regal looking animal 4,050   
set of thirteen platinum bells each embellished with a different carved gemstone animal 548,441   
set of thirteen golden bells embellished with leafy silver filigree 53,400   
set of thirteen slender crystalline chimes inset with filigreed silver animal charms 5,000   
set of thirteen fluted silver chimes embellished with elegant golden filigree 14,250   
set of thirteen tiny diamondique bells strung from a thin platinum neck chain 285,000   
In the glass-topped mahogany case
Item Price Done
tawny brown cotton handfasting cord adorned with carved teak beads 3,750   
blood-red handfasting cord fastened with two glassy black obsidian tokens 3,750   
articulated platinum handfasting cord adorned with sparkling diamond and onyx beads 245,767   
emerald silk handfasting cord fastened at either end with a serpentine ruby band 53,812   
glistening blue watersilk handfasting cord adorned with seashell charms 6,250   
golden silk handfasting cord swathed in sheer black lace 4,375   
woven rose-colored satin handfasting cord bound with green emerald rings at either end 31,311   
pearly-white silken handfasting cord adorned with two golden charms 6,768   
shadowy black satin handfasting cord tipped with carved ebony charms 6,250   
dusky blue nightweaver-silk handfasting cord studded with carved crystalline stars 14,625   

[Sputkin's Wagon, Small Alcove]
A bizarre mix of gaudiness and subtlety, festive banners adorn one side of this small alcove while plain white cotton tapestries mask the other wall. A simple iron lantern sways from the ceiling, bathing the area in its glow.
You also see a glass-topped knife display, a long ebonwood table with some stuff on it, a bejewelled platinum rack with some stuff on it and a sturdy silverwillow shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northwest.

In the glass-topped knife display
Item Price Done
blackened steel misericorde with an ebony jackal hilt 18,375   !!
feather-thin steel misericorde with a rose coral albatross hilt 57,937   No
slender silver misericorde with a midnight-blue crystal nightingale hilt 34,312   
On the long ebonwood table
Item Price Done
silver-plated morning star with vicious iron studs 35,437   
viciously spiked morning star with a twisted ebonwood haft 32,812   !!
rusty iron morning star 3,128   No
On the bejewelled platinum rack
Item Price Done
short teak-hafted halberd tipped with a stylized vulture claw hook 23,062   No
short steel halberd embellished with a golden cat's eye quartz sphere 29,610   
elegant black steel halberd with a sculpted gold lion coiled guardedly around the haft 50,281   
On the sturdy silverwillow shelf
Item Price Done
blackened steel claymore with a garnet coyote nestled in the wrought silver hilt 64,143   !!
shining steel claymore etched with twining adders along the blade 48,562   No
dark bronze claymore with a rich mahogany hilt 41,168   No

[Sputkin's Wagon, Small Alcove]
Deep blue watersilk tapestries cascade down the walls, shimmering in the light of an ornate silver lantern suspended from the ceiling. The play of color and light against the fabric gives the cramped alcove a spurious illusion of spaciousness.
You also see an etched silver placard, a large iron-framed sign, a deep black slate counter with some stuff on it, a pale alabaster case with some stuff on it and a grey slate display with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast.

An etched silver placard reads:

"All animal pelts, feathers, and fur were obtained from previously deceased animals, or in a manner that did not physically harm them. 
For surely we would not maim such sacred beasts merely for our own petty mortal needs! 
Use them proudly to honor your chosen deities with a clear conscience, Brothers and Sisters." 

A large iron-framed sign reads:

"Make absolutely certain that you are selecting the correct item before you purchase it! 
Make sure to, for example, GET THIRD RUG ON CASE instead of just getting a rug. 
I am but a humble Priest, so I can offer no refunds for purchases you make in error -- please do be careful!" 
Note: None of these are fully devotional.
On the pale alabaster case
Item Price Done
golden leather prayer mat tooled with the image of a sheaf of golden grain overlaying a brilliant rising sun 7,042   No
tanned peccary hide prayer mat fringed with brown magpie feathers 13,680   No
woven dark green pine needle prayer mat bound together by coarse wolverine hair yarn 2,500   No
brilliant cerulean prayer rug emblazoned with a stately welkin working over a forge 34,368   
silvery brocade prayer rug appliqued with a regal mongoose 6,930   
jewel-tone peacock feather prayer rug beaded with tiny emerald king snakes along the edges 82,698   
fiery red silk prayer tapestry embroidered with a brilliant golden phoenix 34,368   
sky blue silken prayer tapestry sequined with tiny aquamarine beads 83,306   No
dusky blue prayer tapestry appliqued with a silver silk nightingale 36,843   
dusky grey satin prayer tapestry embroidered with the translucent image of a slender woman 26,628   
inky black silk prayer cloth embroidered in golden thread with a wide-eyed horned owl 41,681   
plain linen prayer cloth fringed with soft grey dove feathers 3,037   
smooth rose satin prayer cloth embroidered with a bashful donkey nestled in a patch of flowers 26,628   
gossamer white satin prayer cloth embroidered with glossy silver steelsilk threads 29,193   No
On the deep black slate counter
Item Price Done
dusky black silk prayer cloth embroidered with tarnished silver steelsilk threads 41,681   
solemn grey prayer cloth embroidered with a sulking coyote 37,500   
simple ebon prayer cloth fringed with disheveled buzzard feathers 7,068   
deep blue prayer cloth embroidered with a massive tidal wave 42,300   
rust-colored prayer rug with a crudely painted snarling raccoon 2,000   
dark red prayer rug beaded along the edges with an array of miniature steel weapons 18,750   
storm grey prayer rug embroidered with erratic lightning bolts 15,000   
ice-blue satin prayer tapestry embroidered with a hideous black unicorn 18,750   
rainbow silk prayer tapestry appliqued with a dizzying myriad of fabrics and colors 31,106   
nightmare black prayer tapestry embroidered with three crystal green eyes 38,025   No
deep ebony prayer tapestry embroidered with a spidery web of lightning bolts 55,462   
rough green burlap prayer mat embroidered with a serpentine river of brilliant orange lava 3,842   
mirrored gold silk prayer mat embroidered with a basking heron 64,800   
stained damask prayer mat adorned with tarnished silver goshawk beads 2,500   
On the grey slate display
Item Price Done
dove grey cotton prayer cloth embroidered with glossy silver steelsilk threads 7,500   No
pale blue watersilk prayer cloth fringed with multicolored seashells 27,178   
modest white prayer cloth with pale alabaster beads sewn along the edges 4,938   
plush golden lionskin prayer rug embroidered with a deep green olive branch 14,475   
copper silk prayer rug embroidered with a giant red boar with gleaming pearl white tusks 38,025   
small platinum silk prayer rug beaded with an array of colorful gemstones 189,787   
woven reed prayer mat painted a shade of deathly black 47,441   
lush green prayer mat formed of several bamboo stalks carved to resemble cobras ?   
woven brown reed prayer mat painted with a confident ox with regal ivory horns 3,750   No
shadowy-black silk prayer mat painted with the image of a brilliant silver wolf 25,000   No
festive prayer tapestry woven of many multicolored cloth strips 3,250   
verdant green prayer tapestry embroidered with a willowy dryad 43,931   
golden silk prayer tapestry embroidered with a lounging grey tabby 25,350   
midnight blue nightsilk prayer tapestry with elegant black fringe 34,121   No