Sputkin's Splendors (1)

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Sputkin's Splendors
Event Rathan Carnival
Owner Sputkin
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Sputkin's Splendors, Musty Old Tent]
The battered leather walls of this small, cramped tent droop and sag in a sad manner. Large, gashed oaken support staves run upward from the ground to keep the slimy, rotting walls from collapsing inward. A stained parchment placard has been nailed to the largest pole in the center of the tent, while a rotting leather curtain leads back into a cramped work alcove. You also see a long ironwood workbench with some stuff on it, a musty exit flap and a painted notice.
Obvious exits: none.

A painted notice reads:
If you sign da list you will be able to have a pre-made lock 
of your choice added to a container that that you already own. 
I won't change da container except for adding da lock. 

On the ironwood workbench
Item Price Done
rich dusky-brown bear hide quiver decorated with large black claws about the flap - Contains an ebony claw key 24,960   
sleek azure poloh'izh hide cape clasped with a coiled abalone king snake - Contains a delicate seashell key 56,645   
supple black leucro hide pack clasped with a gleaming silver fang - Contains a fanglike silver key 28,800   
black satin gem pouch with a blued-steel raven clasp - Contains a blued-steel raven key 18,000   
delicate silver locket dusted with sparkling black opal chips - Contains an antique silver key 77,500   
articulated blued-steel weapon harness with interlocking plates engraved with the form of a regal lion - Contains a blued-steel lion key 50,400   
woven silver-strand belt accented with a faceted black onyx panther buckle - Contains a black onyx panther key 92,500