Spring Promotion 2020/Quest for Kanton's Dagger

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The Kanton's Dagger quest was re-released during the 2020 Spring Promotion. It could be run by all paid subscribers for free.

All the incidental and end prizes were removed, replaced by two items: a commemorative medal and a siegery figurine.

End Loot

[Burial Mound, Burial Chamber]
Slabs of beige marble line the walls, its copper veins shimmering in the light thrown from the constantly lit torchieres placed about the chamber. Polished brass urns filled with multicolored, crystalline gems line the flagstone path leading to a simple sarcophagus surrounded by four imposing, granite pillars.
Obvious exits: west.

On the simple sarcophagus
Item Price Done
medal featuring a realistic replica of the short sword Glisinais in miniature 0   !!
miniature stately Kanton figurine wearing a right hip short sword 0   !!