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The Curse of the Ghost Ship quest was re-released during the 2020 Spring Promotion. It could be run by all paid subscribers for free.

All the incidental and end prizes were removed, replaced by two items: a commemorative medal and a siegery figurine.

End Loot

[Inside the Vault]
Shelves line the walls, all holding treasures of various shapes and sizes. Bright lanterns hang from the ceiling overhead, swaying gently from the ocean waves crashing against the dock's pilings below. Old navigational charts hang between the shelves, showing the paths of shipping lanes across the Reshal Sea.
You also see a shimmering portal leading to the Nexus.
Obvious exits: none.

On the shelves
Item Price Done
medal depicting a polished bone dilapidated galleon 0   !!
miniature chef figurine smeared with dried frosting and blood 0   !!