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The Overall Relative, Natural Attack, Weapon Attack & Defense levels can be determined using TEST EVALUATE on the creatures in the Test Instance.

Overall Relative Creature Level:
Level Variation (-): Level Variation (+):
Natural Attack Creature Level:
Weapon Attack Creature Level:
Defense Creature Level:
Player Estimated Creature Level:
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This Critter Flexes
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  • BackStabbable has been removed as Blindside now allows for attacks on all body types.
  • Only Necromancers can see "Body Type (Alt)" and "Body Size" data.
Body Type Body Type (Alt) Body Size
Attack Range:
Has Coins: Has Gems: Has Boxes: Has Other:
Uses Weapons: Special Attack:
Alignment: Construct: Corporeal:
Casts Spells: Stealthy: Special Defense:



Locksmithing Info

Careful Blind
Skill Required:
Teaching Cap:



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