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Provided for alterations true  +
Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Spiritwood + , Spiritwood +
Categories Woods , Materials , Flora
Modification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
11 November 2018 05:55:39  +
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Item:Austere spiritwood promise band + , Item:Blood-varnished spiritwood tea chest hinged with articulated phalanges + , Item:Blued moonsilver sigilated ring ensconced with grey-flecked spiritwood + , Item:Bone white spiritwood twig + , Weapon:Curved scythe with a leather-clad handle + , Item:Dark slate pouch with a pure white spiritwood clasp + , Weapon:Double-strung spiritwood latchbow with a reinforced stock + , Weapon:Double-strung spiritwood lockbow with orichalcum tips + , Item:Dusky grey spiritwood bassoon adorned with golden chiasmi + , Item:Exquisite courtier's haversack crafted from Velakan wool + , Item:Exquisitely round mirror with a lacy spiritwood frame + , Weapon:Frosted white spiritwood parry stick wrapped in lengths of pallid spidersilk + , Item:Gear-shaped spiritwood medallion + , Weapon:Gnome-sized greatsword with a pure white spiritwood hilt + , Item:Long plank of pure white spiritwood + , Item:Magnolia-white spiritwood basket with a ribbon-wrapped handle + , Item:Miniature ornate Elothean silk teahouse trimmed with gold tassels + , Item:Miniature spiritwood airship powered by a system of tiny gears + , Item:Pair of slender pure white spiritwood hairsticks + , Weapon:Pale white spiritwood longbow adorned with frost-blue icesteel + ... Uses material


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