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Has query
"Has query" is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a subobject) about individual queries.
Razaksel + , Razaksel +
Categories Metals , Materials
Modification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
28 February 2016 04:29:27  +
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Post:Dwarven Culture Faire 419 - 02/27/2016 - 19:19 + Post relates to
Item:Black spidersilk weapons harness clasped with a platinum seven-pointed star + , Item:Bronze-hued razaksel Bardic Spirit Knot hairstick engraved with nagas + , Item:Engraved razaksel crown + , Weapon:Firestained razaksel sledgehammer bearing asini decorations + , Item:Fleece-lined leather cap topped with a pair of thick-framed tinted goggles + , Item:Forest green and sable tartan greatkilt secured with a razaksel pin + , Weapon:Heavy spiked mace with a razaksel chain-wrapped haft + , Item:Hooded fur-lined sheepskin jacket affixed with razaksel-framed clockwork wings + , Item:Itty-bitty compass ensconced in a burnished razaksel case + , Armor:Plate helm crested with a rearing goliath birdeater + , Item:Razaksel flask engraved with a shipwreck + , Weapon:Razaksel nightstick engraved with a series of stylized S'Kra Mur + , Weapon:Razaksel telek etched with a pattern of negeri blossoms down the slender blade + , Shield:Razaksel-edged triangular sipar with an engraving of waves + , Shield:Round gladiator's shield with a razaksel boss + , Item:Spacious pig-sized spun rainbow airship swaying from a toothy razaksel gear + , Weapon:Tarnished razaksel throwing hammer embellished with niello + , Item:Tawny leather raekhlo + , Armor:Trimetal chain balaclava studded with razaksel squirrels (1) + , Armor:Trimetal chain balaclava studded with razaksel squirrels (2) + ... Uses material


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