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This metal bears similar qualities and hues to bronze, but has a much lighter, wavy look to it and is quite a bit harder. Though fairly common, the metal is sturdy enough to be used in weapons and armor, though it is sometimes used in tools. It is sometimes used in jewelry or ornamentation due to its soft luster, although it is somewhat difficult to work with in small quantities.

Translates to "Bronze Sea" in Gamgweth.

Razaksel does not need to be provided for alterations.

ItemSource isRare item
Black spidersilk weapons harness clasped with a platinum seven-pointed starOrder of the White Rose gifts and prizestrue
Firestained razaksel sledgehammer bearing asini decorationsBacon Man's Birthday Bash 419 AuctionNo Guts, No Gory (3)true
Fleece-lined leather cap topped with a pair of thick-framed tinted gogglesTildi's Blooms (3)true
Forest green and sable tartan greatkilt secured with a razaksel pinFiner Things (3)true
Hooded fur-lined sheepskin jacket affixed with razaksel-framed clockwork wingsTildi's Blooms (3)true
Itty-bitty compass ensconced in a burnished razaksel caseTildi's Blooms (3)true
Plate helm crested with a rearing goliath birdeaterAccents for the Arachnophile (4)Accents for the Arachnophile (5)true
Razaksel telek etched with a pattern of negeri blossoms down the slender bladeHumanist (3)true
Spacious pig-sized spun rainbow airship swaying from a toothy razaksel gearTildi's Blooms (3)true
Tarnished razaksel throwing hammer embellished with nielloDrathrok's Duskruin 430/Incidental loottrue
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