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Soludar Kisarta
Status: Dead
Guild: Paladin
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Associates: Danarden
  • At 11:53pm (est) on 7/8/15 / Hodandu, 6 Dolefaren 416
A meteor streaks across the sky as Lady Soludar Kisarta's soul departs forever to walk the Starry Road.

Former Leader of House Kisarta.


You see Lady Soludar Kisarta, a Human.
She has grey eyes. Her platinum hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn loose. She has fair skin.
She is in her prime for a Human.

She is wearing a gold necklace bearing the crest of House Kisarta, a hooded black shawl trimmed with gilded laurel leaves, a golden robe embroidered with the image of a swooping hawk clutching a scabbard, and a pair of soft black satin slippers.