Sofa So Good (1)

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Sofa So Good (1)
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Sofa So Good, Salesroom]
Spacious in extent, the room is floored with broad oak planking sanded smooth and then lacquered to protect the surface. Vertical oak paneling covers the otherwise undecorated walls. Sofas, divans, and other seating are displayed throughout the store, ready for purchase.
You also see a furniture merchant and an oak door.
Obvious exits: none.

Item Price Done
deep brown leather reading settee with brass feet - [bed] [Storage: 2 on/1 under] 500,000   
deep crimson seasilk couch with cast iron phoenix feet - [bed] [Storage: 2 on/1 under] 5,000,000   
iroko settee carved with snarling visages - [bed] [Storage: 2 on/1 under] 6,500,000   
deep pink rosecloth loveseat decorated with embroidery - [bed] [Storage: 2 on/1 under] 4,000,000   
pale amber silk-covered chaise lounge - [bed] [Storage: 2 on/1 under] 100,000   
plain polished oak bench with a linen cushion - [bed] [Storage: 2 on/1 under] 10,000   
burgundy leather couch with polished smokewood trim and feet - [bed] [Storage: 2 on/1 under] 1,000,000   
carved zingana settee with an embroidered cushion - [bed][ Storage: 2 on/1 under] 400,000   
dark brown zibeline divan with a high curved back - [bed] [Storage: 2 on/1 under] 400,000   
pale blue bourde sofa with matching throw pillows - [bed] [Storage: 2 on/1 under] 800,000