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The SNUFF command is used to extinguish flaming objects. To extinguish blazing characters, they must ROLL.


SNUFF <object>

Barbarian Special

Barbarians can SNUFF cigars in more creative ways. Which one occurs is random, and it is accompanied by minor damage to the appropriate location.

  •  ?
With deliberate slowness, <person> holds out his hand and twists a burning cigar into <his/her> upturned palm. Clenching <his/her> fist, <he/she> crumples the charred remains and casually tosses them aside.
  •  ?
<Person>'s eyes widen slightly as <he/she> grinds a burning cigar into <his/her> forehead, snuffing it out slowly against <his/her> own skin! The smell of charred flesh assaults your nostrils.
  •  ? (tongue}