Slings and Supplies

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Slings and Supplies
Province Therengia
Town Rossgallan Keep
Map Ranik's Map 34b
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Sticks and Stones, Slings and Supplies]
Staff slings and bows hang on the back wall of the shop, carefully displayed to highlight the work of the craftsman who made them. From time to time, the sound of a stone thudding against the side of the building marks the prowess of some young guardsman practicing against the targets outside. You also see a squat copper-bound barrel.

On the back wall
Item Price Done
Heavy siege crossbow 5,700   
Polished mistwood short bow strung with twisted sinew 900   
Horn-tipped willow longbow with a leather-wound grip 1,500   
Long rowan staff sling with a leather basket lashed to the split haft 1,300   
Flexible willow staff sling with a closely knotted fishnet basket 1,200   
Smooth oak-hafted staff sling with a woven twig basket 1,100   
Gnarled mistwood staff sling 1,400   
In the copper-bound barrel
Item Price Done
Long mistwood arrows (15) 280   
Thin steel-tip bolts (15) 280   
Blunt-tip oak bolts (15) 280   
Heavy quartz rocks (15) 180   
Small granite rocks (15) 150   
Polished river rocks (15) 200