Silly Mermaid

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Silly Mermaid
Festival Romancing the Seas
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, The Silly Mermaid]
Huge fish nets covered with colorful pinatas line three of the walls, and at the base of each sits a wooden chest brimming with merchandise. A seashell chandelier hangs from above, bathing everything in a warm welcome glow. A sandbox sitting in the middle of the room draws many into searching for buried treasures. You also see a waste bin.
Obvious exits: none.
Ship paths: forward, starboard, port, forward to port.

On the yellow fish net
Item Price Done
pinata shaped like a cat holding a ball of red yarn 4,375   
star-shaped pinata accented with dangling golden charms 4,375   No
large blue pinata shaped like a diamond 4,375   No
On the green fish net
Item Price Done
dark green pinata in the shape of a Gor'Tog 3,750   No
purple pinata in the shape of a mole holding a whacking stick 3,750   No
pink pinata shaped like a fish 3,750   No
On the blue fish net
Item Price Done
yellow pinata shaped like a bolt of lightning 4,375   
tankard-shaped pinata 4,375   No
seafoam green pinata shaped like an octopus 4,375   No
In the sandalwood chest
Item Price Done
jade Gor'Tog doll wielding a curved wooden scimitar 250   
Human girl doll with flaming red hair dressed in a silk sarong 250   No
Elven boy doll dressed in dark green hides 250   No
In the ironwood chest
Item Price Done
blue-eyed Kaldaren doll with a stuffed Gnome sitting on its shoulders 250   No
pale Elothean doll dressed in loose grey robes 250   No
sleek Prydaen doll wearing a black leather vest 250   No
In the rosewood chest
Item Price Done
green-eyed Rakash doll with sharp canines 250   No
stocky Dwarven doll clasping a carved wooden tankard 250   No
green-eyed Halfling doll with huge furry feet 250   No
golden-scaled S'Kra Mur doll with an ornate silver tailband 625   No