Silah's Sundries (1)

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Silah's Sundries (1)
Event Feast of Eluned 1
Owner Silah
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Front Room

[Silah's Sundries]
Belying the simple exterior, cool green stone tiling spreads across the room blending into blue-grey crystalline walls. A small archway cuts through the back wall and into a dim room beyond. Lounging behind a counter cut from a large chunk of coral is a very content-looking Merelew. You also see a marble table with some stuff on it and a hat stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the coral counter
Item Price Done
Eluned cameo engraved in an oval of conch 3,683   No
Drogor cameo engraved in an oval of conch 3,683   No
necklace of white and black pearls 12,500   No
tear-drop pearl earrings 2,660   No
nose stud of black pearl 1,410   No
coral bracelet carved in the form of a chain of leaping dolphins 5,287   No
On the marble table
Item Price Done
scarlet fichu 3,998   No
black dress coat with silver button loops and red cuffs 12,405   
blue dress coat with scarlet piping and cuffs 11,155   
red coat with gold embroidery on the lapels and cuffs 11,155   
blue fichu 3,998   No
diaphanous fichu 3,998   No
black silk tunic with silver threading and flowing dags 7,312   
red tunic of light cloth with black piping and flowing dags 7,312   
black and white quartered tunic with flowing dags 8,665   
sea green tunic with black piping and flowing dags 7,312   No
On the hat stand
Item Price Done
skullcap crafted of black silk with coral beadwork 187   
black tricorn with a red cockade 187   
red tricorn with a blue and gold cockade 187   
sea bag 4,286   No

Back Room

[Silah's Sundries, Back Room]
Dim light enters through an archway cutting through the blue-green crystalline walls. The flickering rays dance across the green tiling, reflecting against the glittering polished facets of the low domed ceiling. You also see an armor stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the armor stand
Item Price Done
briquet 8,750   !!!!
black locust crossbow inlaid with mother-of-pearl 750,000   
steel ortag engraved with a leaping dolphin 2,312   No
star knot club 16,250   No
zaulguum-skin armor 62,500   !!
carapace armor 187,500   No
coral-encrusted mail decorated with shark teeth 108,125   No