Sibo Nijare cantrip quest (SPOILER)

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

This quest allows a Progeny of Tezirah member to learn the Sibo Nijare cantrip.



Start in Throne City at Seord Sanuso Hall, also known as the Progeny hall.

[Old Throne City, Dahl Aeliy]
Not far to the west rises Ponthilas IV Observatory, the tip of the Emperor's Eye telescope within stretching majestically to the sky. Large parks abound on all corners, each filled with sweet flowering plants and carefully trimmed hedges. These delicate smells fail to disguise a distinctive but faint scent of nearby horses. You also see an elaborately decorated hall and a small alleyway slanting down to Mir'Aevar Jegu.
Obvious paths: east, southwest.
>go hall

[Seord Sanuso Hall, Chamber of Crimson and Onyx]
Dim lighting from the candlebras in the corners does little to keep the arched ceiling from vanishing into deep and dark shadows. Heavy marbled columns stretch upwards, though it is impossible to tell if the columns indeed touch the ceiling rafters or stop short, lost in the darkness above. Matching the opaqueness, a black and red carpet stretches towards a dais and shrine at the far end of the hall. Solemn oak pews flank either side of the carpet.
Obvious exits: south.
>turn candlebra
You turn the brass candlebra, and it settles into its new position with a click.
Roundtime: 2 seconds.
You go south.

[Seord Sanuso Hall, Foyer]
A highly polished black and silver chandelier dominates the vaulted ceiling, sending ghosts of pale light across the circular mosaic nested in the marbled floor. Just beyond the reach of the weak illumination, an office door mirrors its oak twin from across the foyer. A hazy glass case stands in the far corner, facing the main entry like a sulking guard.
Obvious exits: north, out.
>go backpanel
[Seord Sanusu Hall, Passage]
In stark contrast to the rest of the hall, this small passage is cramped and anything but elegant. The rough walls are covered with dust-filled cobwebs that extend into the shadows of the ceiling, lending the illusion of a smoke-filled corridor. Such wisps might imply fire and warmth, but the area is uncomfortably chilly. You also see a rusted iron staircase.
Obvious exits: out.
>climb stair

[Seord Sanusu Hall, Catacombs]
Well beneath the streets of Throne City, this small cavern-like chamber houses very little in the way of comfort. A simple tapestry of crimson and onyx is draped from an otherwise barren wall opposite the rusted iron staircase. Directly in front of this hanging is a granite pedestal. Aside from this minor arrangement and the cobwebs drooping near the ceiling, the place is devoid of furnishings.
Obvious exits: none.
>look pedestal
Carved into the front of the pedestal is a simple scorpion, but it is otherwise unremarkable.
>look on pedestal
On the granite pedestal you see a large hide-bound manual.
>read manual
The cover of the hide-bound manual reads, "The Light is Crimson Through the Darkness."
>open manual
You open the hide-bound manual.
>read manual
You read the pages of the hide-bound manual...

A table of contents is opened before you:

Sibo Nijare ..... Chapter 2.

The rest of the page is filled with a diagram of a curiously twisted snake.
Roundtime: 4 seconds.
>study manual
You study the pages of the hide-bound manual...
The table of contents doesn't really lend itself to further study, though the diagram of a curiously twisted snake appears to have the artist's signature in the corner: LCF.
Roundtime: 8 seconds.
>turn manual
You flip a few pages in the hide-bound manual.
Roundtime: 2 seconds.

turn the manual and read it until you reach the cantrip's page

>read manual
You read the pages of the hide-bound manual...

Atop these pages are the words, "Sibo Nijare -- blade."

Strange serpentine imagery adorns the pages. One picture in particular displays a spined ophidian devouring a hapless mage. Spiraled along its body is a fragmented sentence: "Elothean cantrip, if holding a Katamba moonblade, allows some alteration."

Several references to the Moonblade spell implies the knowledge of that spell is necessary to learn this cantrip.
Roundtime: 4 seconds.
>study manual
You study the pages of the hide-bound manual...

Carefully, you peruse the diagrams and text until you manage to commit the Sibo Nijare cantrip to memory.
Roundtime: 8 seconds.