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Sevastia Risichol
Status: Unknown
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Female
Location: Unknown
Type: alterer

Badger Wrangler Sevastia Risichol, a Gor'Tog Barbarian.
She has brown eyes. She has dark green skin.
She is in her prime for a Gor'Tog.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing some deep red leather breeches, some reinforced gloves, a dirty brown leather shirt, a stained canvas carryall and a battered ironwood staff.


A badly lettered sign reads:
"Your things shredded, torn, stained, ripped, battered, and otherwise badger-fied! Lose that 'new adventurer' look! Only five gold! While you wait! By appointment only! Not responsible for loss of life and limb! Do not touch the badgers! This means you!"