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The schiavona was a Renaissance sword that became popular in Italy during the 16th and 17th centuries. It was widely recognisable for its "cat's-head pommel" and distinctive handguard made up of many leaf-shaped brass or iron bars that was attached to the cross-bar and knucklebow rather than the pommel.

Classified as a true broadsword, this war sword had a wider blade than its contemporary civilian rapiers. It was basket hilted (often with an imbedded quillon for an upper guard) and its blade was double edged. A surviving blade measures 93.2 cm × 3.4 cm × 0.45 cm and bears two fullers or grooves running about 1/4 the length of the blade. Weighing in at around 1.1 kg, this blade was useful for both cut and thrust.[1]


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Blackened schiavonatrue
Blued-steel schiavona with a brass basket hiltEdword's Accoutrements (2)Edword's Accoutrements (3)Edword's Accoutrements (4)truetrue
Folded-steel schiavona with a polished oak hiltMorum Melgorehntrue
Gleaming schiavona with an ornate fire-gilded basket hiltEdword's Accoutrements (1)true
Jade hilted blackened-steel schiavona etched with a diamond patterntrue
Polished golden schiavona inset with a trio of dark onyx starsVisions of Holiness (1)Visions of Holiness (2)true
SchiavonaKrrikt'k's Forgetrue
Schiavona (crafted)false
Steel schiavona with a gilded brass hiltRuins of Ulf'Hara/End lootReturn to the Keep 423/End loottrue
Wave-etched schiavona with a sharkskin-wrapped basket hiltVisions of Holiness (1)Visions of Holiness (2)true
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