Rossgallan Stables

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Province Therengia
Town Rossgallan Keep
Map Ranik's Map 34b
Owner Nicoly Rossman
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Horse shops, Tack shops, Stable shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Rossgallan Keep, Stables]
Half-height wooden walls divide the stable into individual stalls, with a wide aisle running the length of the building. Layers of straw on the floor cushion the hoofs of the animals that live within. Each stall has a hay-filled manger mounted along the wall beside a water bucket, and blankets and saddles are flung over the partitions. You also see a nearby pasture and the tack room.

  • All horses are generally a shade of grey and eighteen hands high. Lord Rossman breeds them for the Baron. It's unknown if they come with any training.

[Rossgallan Keep, Pasture]
One section of the pasture has shelter and plenty of hay and fresh water for the horses kept here awaiting new owners. You also see a smoky grey horse, a dapple grey horse, a light grey horse, and a smoky grey horse.

Animals for Sale
Item Price Done
[To look at an individual animal type ORDER to get a list of the beasts for sale and their corresponding numbers then type LOOK #.]
horse 800,000   
[LOOK # for a description of the animal.]

[Rossgallan Keep, Tack Room]
A lean woman with weathered skin, Hostler Garnett rules over the tack room of the Keep's stables, offering everything from spare bridles to an apple to treat a favored horse. Her leather palm thimble and awl are always in use as she works to mend an old bridle or replace the padding in a worn saddle, muttering all the while about the carelessness of the riders. You also see a large sign.

A large sign reads: "Ask me about TACK, FOOD, or GROOMING, and I'll show you the list of what you can ORDER from me today."

Item Price Done
grey leather lead rope 800   No
deep blue wool horse blanket edged with stylized silver lions 1,500   
oiled grey leather bridle 1,500   !!
silver-edged black leather halter 1,000   No
pale grey felted wool saddle pad 1,000   
oiled grey leather saddle with blued steel fittings 20,000   !!
rich blue caparison edged with stylized silver knotwork lions 1,750   !!
Item Price Done
grain 2,000   !!
hay 45   !!
speckled golden apple 5   !!
cube of salt 10   
sweet orange carrot 5   !!
Item Price Done
silver-veined mistwood hoof pick 1500   !!!!
two-sided soft brush 300   !!
large mane and tail brush 300   
oiled mistwood curry comb 250