Rizadi's Outfitters (1)

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Rizadi's Outfitters
Event Hollow Eve Festival 392, Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, S'Kra Mur shops, Prydaen shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

Sales Floor

[Rizadi's Outfitters, Sales Floor]
Brass lanterns hang in each corner, spreading a warm glow over the well-tended merchandise and handsomely framed provincial maps that dot the varnished honey-pine walls. Rows of pewter, brass and copper hooks hang over the iron-banded oak chest that stands near a curtained alcove. An elaborate globe, inlaid with precious gemstones, rests on the centrally located polished walnut counter. You also see a mahogany door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the pewter hook
Item Price Done
pale ale linen shirt with sleeves rolled up at the cuffs 8,418   
short-sleeved cotton shirt fastened with leaf-shaped pewter buttons 3,874   
brushed ivory linen shirt adorned with engraved bronze buttons 4,718   
deep russet corduroy shirt with hand-carved copperwood buttons 4,494   
pale wheat colored suede shirt with copper overstitching 6,695   
sorrel long-sleeved cotton shirt with carved mahogany buttons 4,709   
charcoal linen shirt with ebony silk ties 6,064   
plaid flannel shirt with rolled-up sleeves 5,117   
hunter-green plaid flannel shirt trimmed in corduroy 7,127   
All can be worn as a shirt or robe, even with armor.
On the brass hook
Item Price Done
gossamer blue-grey sarrak belted with a sterling-blue cord 19,791   
billowy gamantang of desert-tan silk 15,595   !!
diaphanous bone-white silk gamantang cinched with a cutwork leather belt 227,340   !!
embroidered ebony silk gamantang 45,100   !!
sheer white mra'sin belted with a flaxen cord 17,347   
airy khaki sarrak cinched at the waist by a celadon cord 18,213   
sheer terra cotta sarrak tied with a braided russet silk cord 24,446   
All can be worn as a shirt or robe, even with armor.
On the copper hook
Item Price Done
nut-brown suede cloak clasped with a bronze tankard cloak pin 8,841   !!
crimson silk cloak trimmed in gold braiding 15,417   No
sea-green sailor's cloak appliqued with a knotwork pattern 6,703   !!
light azure linen cloak adorned with a pearl-grey dolphin clasp 5,350   !!
flaxen oilcloth cloak fastened with a braided leather thong 4,889   !!
sage-green wool cloak trimmed in emerald satin 3,546   !!
chestnut-hued doeskin cloak lined with snow-white fur 10,824   !!
hooded shadowy grey leather cloak 8,407   
All are pocketed.
On the oak chest
Item Price Done
faded blue trousers with a button-front flap 3,122   !!
ale-brown leather pants adorned with a braided leather belt 10,945   No
forest-green canvas trousers with a narrow buckskin belt 5,211   !!
well tailored slate-grey trousers 6,792   !!
pair of fitted shadowy-black leather pants 12,856   No
weather-beaten canvas pants cinched with simple cord belt 3,123   !!
sorrel leather pants with verdigris studs running down the outer legs 4,363   !!
pair of rugged khaki pants decorated with copper overstitching 4,562   No
dusty-brown suede pants with a tooled leather belt 5,845   !!
pair of dark brown pants with square bronze fasteners 7,505   No
All are pocketed and can be worn like pants or a skirt.
In the acanth bin on the walnut counter
Item Price Done
pair of silver-tipped formal leather boots 3,951   No
pair of eelskin stalking boots 6,670   No
crocodile skin workboots 1,972   !!
pair of tooled leather traveler's sandals 7,069   
pair of soft soled leather sandals 7,930   
pair of serpent skin sandals 3,087   No
All boots are pocketed.
In the wicker basket on the walnut counter
Item Price Done
black and tan checked suspenders with etched belt clips 9,326   
silk merlot and champagne striped suspenders with platinum belt clips 8,860   
pewter and charcoal gargoyle hide suspenders 3,228   
buckskin button suspenders embossed with a pattern of hawk feathers 7,063   
braided leather button suspenders 4,680   
hunter-green suspenders with bronze belt clips 6,144   

Private Parlour

[Rizadi's Outfitters, Private Parlor]
Gleaming mahogany paneled walls reflect the flickering flames that fill the tiled fireplace. Potted ferns stand on the edge of the elaborately carved silverwillow sideboard. A parquet coffee table, surrounded by a grouping of leather wing-backed chairs, rests near the center of this inviting hideaway. Elaborately wrought iron hooks dot the wall near the curtained doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

Note: Only estate holders may enter the Private Parlor through the curtained alcove.

On the coffee table
Item Price Done
crystal dish filled with walnut-sprinkled dark chocolate truffles 0   !!
platter filled with wild mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat 0   
creamy cheesecake topped with a fragrant raspberry sauce 0   No
pitcher of spiced cider 0   No
clear glass pot of Elothean jade tea 0   
gerbil-shaped butterscotch lollipop 0   No
On the bear's head hook
Item Price Done
tightly cuffed ecru silk shirt ornamented with onyx buttons 8,196   !!
gauzy ivory shirt with a row of carved bone buttons down the front 8,860   !!
dark spidersilk shirt adorned with adderstone buttons 16,078   !!
On the lion's head hook
Item Price Done
fluid spidersilk gamantang embellished with adderstones 54,120   !!
graceful moonsilk mra'sin with a silvery satin cord 58,630   
nightsilk mra'sin tied with a plaited ebony cord 44,388   
regal firesilk gamantang batiked with a rising phoenix 54,120   !!
On the tiger's head hook
Item Price Done
deep purple cloak of Elothean silk clasped with an amethyst lotus blossom 26,945   
pine-green cloak of Elven silk embroidered with twining ivy vines 21,503   
sweeping snow-white cloak clasped with a fiercely roaring lion 18,942