Raw Silk

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Raw Silk
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Raw Silk, Shopfloor]
Tall stands and racks scattered around the shop exhibit the product while keeping the delicate fabrics off the floor. The bustle of the clerks as they circulate about mingles with the chatter of the patrons to create a constant background noise.
You also see a cedar door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the pine rack
Item Price Done
blue and silver brocade kimono tied with a silverweave sash 375,000   
pale cream Longleaf lotusweave kimono with golden embroidery 30,000,000   
sea green steelsilk kimono patterned with white blossoms 1,000,000   
steel grey shadesatin kimono embroidered with swimming bronze carp for 10,000,000   
dark brown thornweave kimono embroidered with a stalking tiger 7,500,000   
azure satin kimono embroidered with white iris and brown cranes 500,000   
cobalt silk kimono with a scattered design of bamboo leaves 62,500   
grey cotton kimono with a stylized chrysanthemum flower at the neck 50,000   
indigo cire kimono with a design of hawks in pine trees along the bottom 5,000,000   
black linen kimono with embroidered flowering branches 87,500   
On the maple stand
Item Price Done
celadon petalette kimono with a brilliant yellow silk lining 9,000,000   
midnight black scalene kimono figured with embroidered white cranes 8,750,000   
cornflower eolienne kimono scattered with resist-dyed clouds 7,500,000   
burgundy brocade kimono with a design of butterflies 375,000   
royal blue seasilk kimono with stylized white waves along the hemline 10,625,000   
scarlet quilted cotton kimono stitched with silver thread in a diamond pattern 125,000   
mulberry shadesatin kimono decorated with tiny embroidered white blossoms 7,750,000   
cream poplin kimono painted with lantana vines 62,500   
pale blue oceanmist satin kimono with a pale yellow under-robe 6,000,000   
brilliant red lava samite kimono embroidered with golden phoenixes 375,000   
On the fir rack
Item Price Done
chartreuse satin kimono embroidered with scarlet birds amongst crimson flowers 500,000   
sable steelsilk kimono embroidered with a white stork in flight 81,250,00   
canary yellow kimono with large appliqued flowers 25,000   
cobalt blue satin kimono with a bright orange lining 10,000,000   
shiny silveress kimono embroidered with yellow daffodils poking through snow 10,750,000   
black silk kimono with an ebony-hued embroidered tree 312,500   
cream satin kimono embroidered with colorful baskets of flowers 312,500   
brown cotton kimono with a wide black sash 12,500