Rakash Moot 437

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This event was held on 37 Akroeg the Ram, of 437 AV (January 25, 2021). For other event dates, see the Rakash Moots page.

Hosts & Leaders

Hosted by Siendra and Malykai of Sfek Vauns Arotru with assistance from Uritel and the Wyvern Trials.


Join the pack, Sfek Vauns Arotru, as they host a Wild Moot! Brawling is on the menu, right alongside delicious Rakash treats and the primal lore of these people, for all the enjoy!

This event was based around the primal aspects of Rakash lore and focuses on revisiting their roots in brawling, specifically. Everyone was welcome to attend as it was not restricted by race.


The Wyvern Trials Show up to the Arena via your local Meeting portal, then GO ARCH

Schedule of Events

Brawling, intermingled with Rakash treats and camaraderie.


A grusana kaft depicting the phases of Katamba.


A darkstone duraka skefne.

The three prize skefnes were awarded to Tankata (best combatant), Ajathaer (scrappiest fighter), and Almarius (most impressive tactics).


Due to the nature of the Wyvern Arena, many of the fights were not logged. However, below are a few highlights from the event.


"Most of us Rakash never knew the life our people lived before the Migration. We know we were agriculturists, nuturing the land and receiving its bounty. We were a community of healers and hunters, working together to live in balance, idyllically. It is something we have strived to recreate in the years since resettling here. One of the foundations to rebuild upon is pack tradition. These moots, for example, which give us the chance to gather no matter where we may be and celebrate all that we are. Our stories, which keep our past alive. Our howls, which we raise as an ode to the black moon. Our Great Pack, which guides us always. And - as for what brings us here tonight - our hunts. Our primal call which has found us food and helped us protect our lands. It was seen as a rite of passage when a young cub successfully completed their first hunt. There is an honor in using all of the raw skills that have been honed through a lifetime of training in order to better your pack. But here, it can be said, there is a thrill in showing those skills off in friendly combat. We Rakash enjoy a good show as much as the next, and I think it's fair to say that is what we're all here for. We have a prize for the following: best overall performance, most impressive win, and best effort. To put it bluntly...most wins, fanciest takedown, and scrappiest loser. A beautiful duraka skefne awaits each winner of these categories. So we welcome you here to partake in our food and drink, enjoy the good company, but most importantly - to get a little wild."

"The Wild Coarse" - an original poem by Evalaut Daemonhart.

  "Beating in harmony, the ripples stretch distant.
   Enelne, the natural, ever flowing, righteous thought.
   Howls, foot falls, the buffet, always persistent."
  "The butterflies, most beautiful and majestic, are subsistent.
   Foreigner's greed.  Nets rip them from the sky below clouds.
   Beating in harmony, the ripples stretch distant."
  "The Rakash bellow, rage peaked by the gall in instant.
   Sharpened teeth and claws paint crimson under Katamba's luster.
   Howls, foot falls, the buffet, always persistent."
  "Outlanders fearing loss of quarry, disengage, flee resistant.
   And nature, the butterfly, sends blast downstream.
   Beating in harmony, the ripples stretch distant."
  "Torrent tossed, severing strangers, escape distanced.
   With feral force Enelne flanks, wrath and fury conjoin.
   Howls, foot falls, the buffet, always persistent."
  "Silence envelops the rill with its concomitant hush. 
   Blood thrown from the wing, washed and united in earth.
   Beating in harmony, the ripples stretch distant.
   Howls, foot falls, the buffet, always persistent."