Rakash Moot 435

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This event was held on 13 Arhat the Fire Lion, Day 213 of 435 AV (August 22, 2020). For other event dates, see the Rakash Moots page.

Hosts & Leaders

Hosted by Siendra of Sfek Vauns Arotru with assistance from the Tavern Troupe Performing Order.


A howling fills the air around you, commanding your attention as a busker announces over it, "The dark moon has turned its full face upon Elanthia and the Rakash are celebrating! Come join the pack for a traditional Rakash moot, complete with fravarit, storytelling, and more howling than you can shake a stick at!" The howling dies away, leaving the invitation ringing in your ears.


[Endrus Forest, Secluded Glade]
A score of ancient sana'ati trees stand like primeval guardians around this circular clearing, stretching their weathered boughs overhead in a protective canopy of scintillating green. Lush grass and blooming flowers surround a pool of clear water, bubbling upwards from an unknown source beneath the surface.

(OOC: From Crossings: Take the ferry south to Leth Deriel. Head south from Alfren's Tollbridge to just past the Crossroads and down the overgrown footpath. If you hit the Customs Post you’ve gone too far.)



Schedule of Events

  • Rakash songs and storytelling
  • Howling contest: a game which showcases the howling abilities of contestants.
  • Scavenger hunt run by Malykai

Log of Event

Moot 435