Q'tahhl's Place (1)

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Q'tahhl's Place
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396
Owner Q'tahhl
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Q'tahhl's Place]
Stepping through the beaded curtain transports you away from grey steel into a tiny realm of opulence. Metallic sounds outside are muffled by thickly tufted rugs in lavish blues, crimsons and cream that envelop the walls. The soft scent of sandalwood oil wafts from brass lamps suspended from the ceiling that tint the area in golden pools of light. Glints of polished brass, copper and golden fittings act like highlights to the sumptuous colors used to decorate this niche. You also see a pickle barrel, the hall, an oak stand with some stuff on it and a cedar counter with some stuff on it.

On the oak stand
Item Price Done
steel tailband inlaid with carved mammoth bone - Becomes a steel katavdar inlaid with carved mammoth bone. 7,216   
polished brass tailband etched with an anchor - Becomes a polished brass katavdar etched with an anchor. 7,216   
thick copper tailband etched with a war hammer - Becomes a thick copper katavdar etched with a war hammer. 7,216   
brushed bronze tailband etched with brightly burnished crossed scimitars - Becomes a brushed bronze katavdar etched with brightly burnished crossed scimitars. 7,216   
You can TURN these tailbands into 75-stone HT/HE katavdars.
On the cedar counter
Item Price Done
ebony tailband inlaid with ceramic birds - Becomes a ebony katavdar inlaid with ceramic birds. 6,909   
leather tailband embossed with a coiled kingsnake - Becomes a cured leather katavdar embossed with a coiled king snake. 5,412   
carved hhr'lav'geluhh bark tailband bound in twine - Becomes a carved hhr'lav'geluhh bark katavdar bound in twine. 4,510   
vivid blue coral tailband set with tiny shells - Becomes a vivid blue coral katavdar set with tiny shells. 4,510   
You can TURN these tailbands into 30-stone LT/LB katavdars.