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For the PROTECT command, see here

Protect is an in-service Paladin ability that allows a Paladin to protect another from attacks. As you are trying to protect someone else and not avoid the attack (quite the opposite actually), evasion doesn't factor into the defense. A good soul state will help with Protects -- pristine soul gives a pretty good boost, while a low soul can prevent its use completely. They are all learned from the female sentry in the Crossing guildhall.

Protect deflect

Circle: 4




Attempts to parry/block an attack made against another player. If the block misses, the Paladin can still reduce the attack, but then it's up the other player's defenses.


The Sentry looks directly at you and says, "The first protective ability to be granted to you by the grace of the gods will assist you in deflecting a blow aimed at another person. When an assailant launches an attack at another, you will be able to step in and block the attack."

She pauses for a moment and continues, "Do not think that this maneuver is completely guaranteed. Nothing is ever certain, especially with a gift such as this. Do not take this for granted and always be prepared for mistakes."

The Sentry looks thoughtful for a moment as if reminiscing then continues, "Remember that we learn from our mistakes so, as you become more experienced, you will instinctively become more adept."

Protect cover

Circle: 40




Takes on a full attack against another player. It has the same initial effect as protect deflect, but if the attack gets through the Paladin will take the blow with his or her own body. In addition, a rather hefty evasion penalty is added, though not the complete negation it once was.


The sentry gives you a contemplative look for a moment and says, "You are ready to learn the next combat protect ability available to those of our guild. This will allow you to give greater protection than is possible with deflect. However, it involves more personal risk. When a foe attacks the person you wish to help, you will interpose your body between the two of them, taking the attack upon yourself."

She gives you a wry smile and continues, "Naturally, the attacker will have an opportunity to harm you instead of the intended victim, but such is the lot of a Paladin. Your long hours of training in the art of defense should stand you in good stead."

Protect assess

Circle: 60


PROTECT ASSESS <deflect | cover>


Actively scans a room for someone in need of protection. If someone is stunned, has low enough balance, immobilized, webbed, unconscious or has low vitality, the Paladin will either use deflect or cover on that person depending on the protect chosen when activating the ability.


The sentry says, "I will now teach you another ability that can used in protecting others. This will enable you to scan the area for people who may need help and to provide assistance if you find such a person. When you find someone who is being attacked, you will move to protect that person using either the deflect or the cover technique, whichever one you have chosen."

Her face turns serious for a moment, and she continues, "This can be very valuable in large battles, where confusion is common, particularly when there are noncombatants present. As a Paladin, you must always keep your wits about you."

Protect self

Circle: 80




Breaks up to seven negative effects (immobile, stunned, passive, webbed, prone, sitting, kneeling) on oneself. It won't work if the Paladin is unconscious.
# of Uses: Roughly once every 11 - 12 minutes. (See notes for testing data/info)


Initial Messaging:
A just sense of vengeance courses through your veins, offering renewed strength for the fight as you utter a soft prayer for Phelim's protection.

Successful Use:
Wisps of violet-red light float down from the heavens and wrap protectively around your body. The bonds restraining you fade with the blink of an eye as an unseen force propels you upright, demanding the fight continue.

After a few seconds

The violet-red light surrounding you begins to waver.

Ability ending

The violet-red light draws energy from within you and then quickly fades.

Try to use again too soon:
The call goes unanswered.

No negative effects to work on:
Not much seems to happen.

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