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Description: A property for declaring an armor's resistance to slice. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: String
Allows Value: no, poor, low, fair, moderate, good, very good, high, very high, great, very great, extreme, exceptional, incredible, amazing, unbelievable

There are currently 3894 items in this property, 807 of which are incomplete, and 1177 of which are outdated.

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Absinthe-hued leathers outlined at the seams with strips of gold moradu bone +high  +
Abstract vine-motif mask +fair  +
Acid-etched half plate +high  +
Aged chain hauberk lined with bloodstained silk +good  +
Aged double leathers embossed across the back with white outstretched wings +good  +
Aged leather combat armor with a faint seal over the breastplate (1) +high  +
Aged leather combat armor with a faint seal over the breastplate (2) +very high  +
Aged leathers bearing the crest of Akigwe Tower +good  +
Agonite mail balaclava set with dragon fire opal eyes +very high  +
Agonite mail gloves tipped with dragon fire opal talons +very high  +
Agonite mail greaves patterned with dragon fire opal flames +very high  +
Agonite mail shirt layered over dusky dreamweave padding +very high  +
Agonite plate gauntlets lined with firesilk padding +great  +
Amber-eyed king snake mask +fair  +
Amethyst Imperial weave gloves +high  +
Amethyst Imperial weave hood +high  +
Amethyst Imperial weave robe with golden satin epaulets +high  +
Angular vardite gauntlets sporting a heartstone-accented extended cuff +very great  +
Animite-emblazoned icesteel vambraces +great  +
Animite-etched field plate armor with golden pauldrons +high  +
Apple red great helm crested with thealstone worms (1) +great  +
Apple red great helm crested with thealstone worms (2) +great  +
Arbelog claw gloves +low  +
Armbands +poor  +
Armet helm +good  +
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