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Description: A property for declaring that the article's subject requires a certain ability to access it's powers.
Type: string

There are currently 411 items in this property, 15 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Adder +Poison Resistance  +, Poison Making  +
Aggressor +Wolverine Dance  +
Agitator +Demrris' Resolve  +, Aether Wolves  +
Anointed Soul +Eluned's Second Commune  +
Apotheosis +Honor  +
Ardor +Beseech the Sun to Dry  +
Asp +Poison Resistance  +, Poison Making  +
Assassin King +Poison Making  +, Poison Resistance  +, Snipe  +,
Assassin Queen +Poison Making  +, Poison Resistance  +, Snipe  +,
Avenger (Barbarian) +Panther Dance  +


Banshee +Banshee's Wail  +
Battle Dancer +Wolverine Dance  +
Battle Eye (Dance) +Badger Dance  +
Battle Grace +Swan Dance  +
Battle Hawk +Swan Dance  +
Battle Jester +Insane Laughter  +
Battle Rager +Berserk Grave  +
Battle Terror +Berserk Nightmare  +
Battlehardened +Caution of the Spider  +
Beautician +Shift  +
Berserker +Berserk Flame  +
Betrayer +Distance Contacts  +
Black Widow (Barbarian) +Caution of the Spider  +
Black Widow (Thief) +Poison Making  +
Blind Fury +Bloodthirst  +
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