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Description: A value that shows an enchantment's precision.
Type: String

There are currently 394 items in this property, 26 of which are incomplete, and 23 of which are outdated.

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Agonite lamellar helm sculpted with the visage of a blazing phoenix +abstract  +
Agonite mail balaclava set with dragon fire opal eyes +abstract  +
Agonite mail gloves firestained with gold and vermilion hues +abstract  +
Agonite mail gloves tipped with dragon fire opal talons +abstract  +
Agonite mail greaves patterned with dragon fire opal flames +abstract  +
Agonite mail shirt layered over dusky dreamweave padding +abstract  +
Agonite plate gauntlets lined with firesilk padding +abstract  +
Agonite plate mask firestained with gold and vermilion hues +abstract  +
Aldamdin staff etched with numerous sigils +exceptionally precise  +
Anglerfish carved from slick grey-green stone +very precise  +
Asharsh'dai wildland machete with an elaborately sculpted Imperial coral handle +somewhat precise  +
Austere battle odaj of somber black leather +abstract  +
Austere black sanguinai battle kimono swirled with midnight ruby droplets +somewhat precise  +


Balanced tyrium nodachi inlaid with verdant moonsilver +abstract  +
Baleful lion dragon faceted from a Gemfire ruby +somewhat precise  +
Baleful lion dragon faceted from a fire whirl ruby +somewhat precise  +
Banded hauberk with interwoven brass and bronze bands +abstract  +
Bejeweled garden oasis sculpted from lush viridian estrildite +amazingly precise  +
Belzune donkey buckle decorated with multi-colored chrysoberyls +incredibly precise  +
Black diamond-studded ceremonial shield emblazoned with a burgundy raven +abstract  +
Black moonsilk pants cuffed with pale blue zenganne +abstract  +
Black moonsilk robe belted with a swathe of zenganne +abstract  +
Black moonsilk vambraces stitched with obscure symbols +abstract  +
Blackthorn shillelagh inlaid with green gold knotwork +somewhat precise  +
Bogbirch quarterstaff inlaid with Gerenshuge calligraphy +abstract  +
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