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Description: A property for declairing what an armor or shield's hindrance is.

This property is assigned via the Armor Template and should not be added by hand. The page has the type Number so that comparisons can be made, such as searching for armor with hindrance less than "overwhelming".
Type: string
Allows Value: no, insignificant, trivial, light, minor, fair, mild, moderate, noticeable, high, significant, great, extreme, debilitating, overwhelming, insane

There are currently 5362 items in this property, 1440 of which are incomplete, and 3192 of which are outdated.

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Absinthe-hued leathers outlined at the seams with strips of gold moradu bone +fair  +
Abstract vine-motif mask +insignificant  +
Abyssal black Imperial weave battle gown with blackened moonsilver epaulets +mild  +
Abyssal blue helm adorned with membranous glaes fins +light  +
Acid-etched half plate +great  +
Acid-etched tyrium target shield +insignificant  +
Aged chain hauberk lined with bloodstained silk +high  +
Aged double leathers embossed across the back with white outstretched wings +high  +
Aged leather combat armor with a faint seal over the breastplate (1) +overwhelming  +
Aged leather combat armor with a faint seal over the breastplate (2) +great  +
Aged leathers bearing the crest of Akigwe Tower +high  +
Agonite lamellar helm sculpted with the visage of a blazing phoenix +light  +
Agonite mail balaclava set with dragon fire opal eyes +trivial  +
Agonite mail gloves firestained with gold and vermilion hues +trivial  +
Agonite mail gloves tipped with dragon fire opal talons +trivial  +
Agonite mail greaves patterned with dragon fire opal flames +light  +
Agonite mail shirt layered over dusky dreamweave padding +mild  +
Agonite plate gauntlets lined with firesilk padding +light  +
Agonite plate mask firestained with gold and vermilion hues +trivial  +
Agonite-edged triangular sipar with various faces swirling across its surface +insignificant  +
Airy mirror-finished mail interspersed with clear glaes links +moderate  +
Aldamdin targe crafted to resemble a stylized spider +minor  +
Alret's black shield emblazoned in silver with a rearing dragon +mild  +
Amber-eyed king snake mask +insignificant  +
Amethyst Imperial weave gloves +insignificant  +
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