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Wound Deferral & Emuin's Candlelight · on 07/31/2020 12:20 3123
>>What benefits, if any, are there from higher potency casts?

Damage is staggered over a longer time.

>Does any sort of wound reduction occur?
>Is there a cap on how much damage EMC will hold?

No and no.

>>Based on what I believe are EBOTS-empowered SV messages it appears that EMC is also storing the vitality damage associated with the wounds it's holding. The "alyuryaen perishing" messages that coincide with EMC releases are the SV shield eating the associated vit damage you took when you initially received the wound(s)?


>>Any possibility of getting a way to gauge just how much damage EMC has stored? Something in PERCEIVE/CONCENTRATE/POWER, perhaps? Another suggestion I've seen and liked is changing the hue/saturation of the glow. I'm looking for a way to mitigate surprises when the spell drops or is intentionally RELEASEd. Even something vague would be appreciated.

The pulse messages should provide some indication. Parches < singes < scorches < sears < chars < burns < immolates.

GM Grejuva

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