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We Have A Crossbow Winner · on 6/1/2009 11:09:26 PM 2599
(But I doubt it's the crossbow you have in mind)

Results from using a slurbow with pulzones:


100 shots
50 kills
2.00 shots per kill


0 1-shot kills
50 2-shot kills
0 3-Shot Kills
0 4-Shot Kills


First Shot Hit Power -- 16.14 (demolishing)
Second Shot Hit Power - 22.32 (cataclysmic)

Something I had wondered about has apparently turned out to be true.

When I saw the mega-increase in Crossing HX hitting power using pulzones I wondered how much total damage potential the GMS would let these things have. I was nearly blowing rock trolls apart. From the tests above, the numbers from the Crossing HX and the slurbow are definitely different when using low-powered ammo but similar when both are using pulzones. SHOTS TO KILL RATIO and SHOT RESULT SPREAD are virtually the same. FIRST/SECOND SHOT HITTING POWER is split, with the Crossing HX taking first shot and slurbow taking second shot. This also gives me a better idea of the margin of error using a sample of 100 test shots.

The idea the Crossing HX has a multiplier the slurbow doesn't seems unlikely. So the only explanation I can see is that when using pulzones all these crossbows are boosted so much that they're all hitting the same damage cap. If anyone has a better explanation, please post it. The slurbow has to definitely be the best crossbow of the bunch, but it doesn't look like it's being allowed to reach its full potential. If they ever uncapped them then no doubt the slurbow would surge ahead. However, what is more likely is the slurbow might be allowed to stay where it is and the other ones reduced so that the idea of a cap becomes obsolete. The best crossbow using the best ammo would define the cap.

This totally changes our search criteria for the performance superstar of the show. If it is in fact true that because of the cap these three crossbows actually perform similarly when using the same enhanced ammo, then the win has to go to the one with the lowest RT, aka, the museum Dragon.

If anyone would be willing to run similar tests with different level creatures I would be very interested to see their results and if our data agree. If you're willing to hemorrhage the exp of 500 crossbow shots that is! That wasn't pretty no matter how you slice it.


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