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[17:59] Miskton says, "Okay! We've got quite a bit to get through, so I think we should get started." [18:00] Miskton says, "First, before getting to the visions..." [18:01] Miskton asks, "Has everyone looked at the constellation of The Wolf lately?" [18:01] Miskton says, "At present I believe that plume of red and purple-brown does not correspond to any known omens, but it is something to keep an eye on." [18:02] Tozu says, "Mortom's research has turned up nothing of any merit to my knowledge." [18:02] Miskton says, "We may just be in a position to watch, wait, and mark down records for the people to reference the next time something like this happens." [18:03] Raelyka says to Tozu, "An apt way to put it. Filtering through the ravings of centuries of prophets, you're bound to find things that could apply but none seem fitting." [18:03] Miskton says, "Now, let's see..." [18:03] Miskton says, "The first of a number of visions. I'll be going through them in the order I first experienced them." [18:04] Miskton says, "A beautiful Halfling stood before a familiar sixteen-sided building. She stared at it thoughtfully while a nightingale flitted about her head." [18:04] Miskton says, "The sixteen-sided building reminds me of the Observatory of the Southern Crossbow, in Crossing. It would certainly explain the sense of familiarity." [18:05] Miskton says, "The nightingale is the symbol of Phelim, a god many moon mages worship, although I'm not yet sure of what significance it might have in the context of this vision." [18:07] Miskton says, "The Halfling, given her appearance and the other potential links to the moon mage guild, leads me to believe that she is Gylwyn. However, I should note that's only a hypothesis, and it's entirely possible that it's someone else." [18:08] Miskton says, "There's little actual activity going on in the vision, so it's difficult to think of a particular event it might indicate, aside from perhaps a visit to the Crossing guild hall at some point in the future." [18:09] Miskton asks, "Does anyone have any thoughts?" [18:09] Miskton says, "Moving on, then..." [18:10] Miskton says, "I found myself standing on a barren plain, the land dead and desolate as an oppressive sun loomed above. Something brushed my leg and I glanced down to find a serpent twining itself between my legs. It appeared to be molting, as pale skin covered its body and blinded its eyes. As it rubbed against me, a few flecks of skin broke off revealing brilliant purple scales beneath." [18:10] Miskton asks, "My first question is, does anyone know of any purple snakes?" [18:10] Pharstar says, "You're not thinking big enough." [18:10] Osus asks, "Adan'f?" [18:11] Miskton asks Pharstar, "Oh?" [18:11] Lijarna says, "Blindness... purple... new sight... sounds rather Pethian." [18:11] Raelyka says, "It fits, yes." [18:12] Lijarna says, "And the blasted plain sounds reminiscent of Su Helmas... though that may just be wishful thinking." [18:13] Miskton says, "Is the area around Su Helmas desolate? I don't know much of the place." [18:13] Raelyka says, "The Blasted Plains consist of much more than just Su Helmas." [18:14] Pharstar says to Miskton, "Su Helmas lies within a living nightmare of tortured, broken land, as the archivist mentioned." [18:14] Raelyka says, "Fairly accurate." [18:15] Miskton asks, "It seems to fit, then. The snake shedding its skin isn't too hard to interpret as a metaphor, but of course that's the danger of something seeming obvious in a vision. Still, a new beginning of some sort for the Pethians?" [18:15] Pharstar says, "Well, I'm told the Pethians find it quite beautiful. Which I take to mean that probability and the mana streams are somehow different there." [18:16] Lijarna says, "Master G'nar-Peth's garden of paradise is more than what it seems." [18:16] Raelyka says, "Or a specific Pethian, there's only one snake in the vision." [18:17] Miskton says, "Definitely some interesting thoughts, thank you. I hadn't previously considered the Pethian angle." [18:17] Miskton says, "The next vision..." [18:18] Miskton says, "Before me was a long banquet table set with a veritable feast. Food from every culture was represented there, each dish a culinary masterpiece, and each tainted by rot. Scampering amongst the food, nibbling at their pleasure, were numerous little shrews." [18:19] Miskton says, "The shrews could indicate the influence of Kerenhappuch in some manner. The wide variety of foods on the table are perhaps indicative of something that could be very wide ranging in effect." [18:19] Miskton says, "Wonderful food being ruined could be any number of things, being corrupted in some way." [18:20] Visicue asks, "Would you consider the corruption on the table to indicate possible necromancy?" [18:20] Heitak asks, "The best efforts of each culture..rotting and tainted?" [18:21] Raelyka says, "The shrew is oft the mark of Kalestraum." [18:21] Miskton says, "Hmm." [18:21] Miskton says, "Ruining something put together by many diverse people? Yes, that sounds about right." [18:22] Tozu says, "Osus Not something wise to joke about." [18:22] Miskton says, "And feasting on the results, too." [18:22] You tenderly ask, "I think it was a suggestion?" [18:22] Osus says, "Checking for shrews." [18:23] Miskton says, "There's been signs of activity from them recently... Everybody should likely be keeping an eye out at any rate, but this does seem ominous." [18:24] Miskton says, "That note about the shrew does lend new context to an older vision..." [18:24] Lijarna says, "And this would not then be the only vision tied to them recently." [18:24] Miskton says, "A young mage dressed in black and silver gazed up at the obelisk, unconsciously fiddling with his pewter shrew amulet. A calm voice ended the vision, though the message lingered in my mind, "Be gone, your kind is not welcome here." [18:25] Miskton says, "It was unclear what obelisk that was at the time, but in retrospect I believe the vision may have been related to events on Taisgath in the recent past." [18:26] Tozu says, "Lomtaun took steps to make sure it does not reoccur." [18:26] Miskton says, "A member of the Children of Kalestraum named Hhstin attempted to do something to the obelisk there. He was driven off before he was able to do much harm, though. Apparently." [18:27] Miskton says, "The guards there seem quite serious about their jobs." [18:27] Miskton says, "Moving on to the next vision..." [18:28] Miskton says, "A middle aged Elothean stood before a horde of faceless foes. Though she tried to fend them off with staff and shadow, one eventually pierced her defenses and at the first touch of the blade she simply turned to shadow and melted away." [18:26] Tozu says, "Lomtaun took steps to make sure it does not reoccur." [18:26] Miskton says, "A member of the Children of Kalestraum named Hhstin attempted to do something to the obelisk there. He was driven off before he was able to do much harm, though. Apparently." [18:27] Miskton says, "The guards there seem quite serious about their jobs." [18:27] Miskton says, "Moving on to the next vision..." [18:28] Miskton says, "A middle aged Elothean stood before a horde of faceless foes. Though she tried to fend them off with staff and shadow, one eventually pierced her defenses and at the first touch of the blade she simply turned to shadow and melted away." [18:28] Miskton says, "The scene changed and I found myself watching the same woman, apparently unharmed, but also seemingly unaware that a crow perched on each of her shoulders." [18:29] Miskton says, "I've spoken with several people about this, but we haven't come to a clear consensus about it. The fact that the Elothean fought with shadow leads me to suspect a moon mage, but even that might not be literal." [18:30] Traim asks, "Many symbols to the crow, right?" [18:30] Miskton says, "Being struck and then having the crows on her shoulders could indicate mental control of some sort. Whether magical or through more mundane means." [18:30] Sebrahn says, "Crows are usually a bad omen." [18:31] Pharstar says, "Crows are considered a good omen by some." [18:31] Nealie asks, "Isn't the crow a symbol of one of the Rakash gods?" [18:31] You tenderly say, "It is also a symbol of Mrod." [18:31] Osus says, "They taste okay." [18:31] Heitak says, "Crows are very very smart, they work together more so than any other bird." [18:32] Sebrahn says, "Crows are loud and feast on carrion. They're dirty scavengers. I don't see anything good in crows." [18:32] Traim says, "Crows are interchangeable for ravens in some cases too, right? Which god is that? Kertigen? Two crows seems to suggest that's not right though." [18:32] Vansiil says, "Two crows. Two Crowthers." [18:32] Tozu says, "As we discussed prior, it could be a Raven would would give you a connection to Kertigen - though there are two of them, which is likely important." [18:33] Traim says to Vansiil, "Interesting thought." [18:33] Miskton says, "The fact that they didn't appear until after the Elothean was struck by one of the faceless attackers leads me to believe they don't mean well for her, at least." [18:34] Miskton says, "Of course, it's entirely possible that they are protecting her without her knowledge, and simply weren't revealed until they did so." [18:35] Traim says, "I'm inclined to the first interpretation." [18:35] Raelyka asks, "Could it not be both?" [18:36] Miskton asks Raelyka, "Protecting her against her will?" [18:36] Raelyka says, "Something like that, yes." [18:36] Pharstar asks Miskton, "Perhaps protecting isn't the right interpretation. Corrupting?" [18:36] Heitak says, "All these visions seem to point to something or someone in guise." [18:36] Veranz says, "Well I find it worth mentioning that the spots in the Wolf could relate to Elotheans." [18:37] Raelyka says, "Coercion." [18:37] Miskton says to Pharstar, "That was my first thought, yes." [18:37] Heitak says, "And Corruption from within." [18:37] Pharstar says to Miskton, "If I might back you up to the feast." [18:37] Traim asks Veranz, "How so?" [18:37] Pharstar says to Miskton, "Perhaps it is a metaphor for magic." [18:38] Veranz says, "The Wolf is the symbol for Meraud, god of magic, foresight, and the Elothean race." [18:38] Powerhaus says, "My his hand is still healing after being broken." [18:38] Powerhaus says, "Maybe." [18:38] Pharstar says to Miskton, "Given the state of the Wolf and the activities of the Children, an attack on the fabric of magic itself does not seem improbable any longer." [18:39] Miskton says to Pharstar, "And we've already seen with the Hand of Meraud that it's quite capable of being impacted by a strong enough force." [18:39] Powerhaus asks, "Maybe the wound is festering and he needs help healing?" [18:40] Tozu asks, "Are we not forgetting one of the three aspects just mentioned for Meraud? Foresight?" [18:40] Traim says, "Less abstract than an attack or threat to 'magic' but still fits the same interpretation." [18:40] Pharstar says to Tozu, "Foresight just isn't considered the greatest of works of the many cultures is all." [18:41] Talliska says, "Yeah, so I got off at the wrong part of the stairs so what." [18:41] Miskton says, "There's another vision, a bit older but still occurring, of a smoldering thread in an incredibly complex web..." [18:41] Miskton says, "With the Web of Fate being an ofter used way of describing fate." [18:41] Tozu says to Pharstar, "Perhaps it should be, but more importantly you're blending prophecies together to find meaning." [18:42] Tozu says, "Which may be correct, but it's a dangerous assumption." [18:42] Pharstar says to Tozu, "I actually merely suggested that there's another omen that might play into that prophecy." [18:43] Traim asks, "What of the staff the elothean wields? Significant?" [18:43] Miskton says, "Fate gives us a great many puzzle pieces through visions. Unfortunately, it's often like trying to put together a puzzle where the picture is just an empty sky." [18:44] Inyasa says, "Hello, everyone. Please don't let me interrupt." [18:44] Miskton says, "At any rate, it's an intriguing vision, and I think some more research into crows as omens may be in order." [18:45] Heitak says, "Her defenses were pierced, and with the touch of a "blade" she turned to shadow." [18:45] Miskton says, "In the interests of time, though, I think we should move on to the next vision." [18:45] Miskton says, "Darkness filled my mind, pierced only by a flickering torch carried by a middle aged human. A faint wind tugged at the flame, causing shadows to dance across her weathered face and her cropped honey brown hair. She paused to study the stone walls, which were elaborately painted in faded pastels, as a voice whispered, "Welcome home." [18:46] Miskton says, "This is another vision where I believe I recognize the subject. However..." [18:46] Miskton says, "I think, more so than the other, this is one where it's important to keep in mind that many people share similar features. Because this particular vision is a bit more mysterious in nature than the previous one." [18:47] Miskton says, "But, my first thought when observing the woman in the vision was of Guildleader Cherulisa." [18:48] Tozu says to Miskton, "Prudence, good good. Though I believe you are right in this case." [18:48] Miskton says, "As to what it might mean, well, if we operate under the assumption for the moment that it is Cherulisa, I think it might require someone a bit more familiar with her." [18:48] Vansiil asks, "Any thoughts as to where this person might call home?" [18:48] Veranz says, "Somewhere old." [18:48] Veranz says, "The pastels are faded for a reason, in my opinion." [18:49] Tozu says, "She's a member of the nomads, I would think she is already home on the Steppes." [18:49] Vansiil says, "If it is indeed Cherulisa." [18:49] Miskton says, "The feeling it gave me was of a cave of some sort, but I couldn't really clearly see if the walls were of worked stone or not." [18:49] Tozu says, "Indeed. I haven't spent much time with her." [18:49] Raelyka says, "Tiv would perhaps know better. Or Cherulisa." [18:50] Traim dryly says, "Tiv always knows better." [18:50] Miskton says, "I spent a bit of time out on the steppes recently, but I didn't have the opportunity to ask her about it." [18:50] Pharstar says, "Pardon me a moment." [18:51] Miskton says, "Moving on to the next vision..." [18:51] Traim says, "When I think of a cave, and the Tribes, my mind always goes to the visions of Nera that bards can see at the Planar Telescope." [18:51] Miskton says, "A figure suddenly appeared before me, that of a skinny Human with pale skin and short red hair. His hands were awash with blood that slowly pooled around his feet as he stood motionless. His eyes slowly focused on me and a slight sneer crept onto his face." [18:51] Miskton says, "Something felt wrong about this vision, though I was unable to identify the source of my unease." [18:52] Inyasa says, "Ominous, indeed." [18:52] Tozu says to Raelyka, "See? Visions like these are why I avoid that Plane entirely." [18:52] Powerhaus asks, "That the guy in the ways?" [18:52] Miskton says, "Though in retrospect, once the vision ended I believe that it was Pelag ai Aldam." [18:52] Miskton says, "Having him look directly at me was... unsettling." [18:53] Powerhaus says to Miskton, "Bless you." [18:53] Vansiil says, "Nothing scarier than an Astral Ginger." [18:53] Miskton says, "Thankfully I've thus far not actually met up with him in person." [18:53] Raelyka says, "The Servant of Fate is not one to be taken lightly." [18:54] Miskton says, "I'd advise people to keep alert when in the Astral Plane, though. Moreso than usual, even, if he may be up to something." [18:54] Powerhaus asks, "Any specific reason he'd bloody his hands? or just an omen to fear the ginger?" [18:55] Powerhaus says to Vansiil, "I like that." [18:55] Tozu says to Powerhaus, "Oh, how little you understand of him." [18:56] Powerhaus asks, "Always fear the ginger, for he's death? Something like that?" [18:56] Miskton says, "I've heard that the deaths he causes do not actually tend to be bloody, per se, but he certainly has plenty of blood on his hands, metaphorically." [18:56] Traim says, "Excuse me a moment." [18:57] Talliska says, "I'm quite uninformed when it comes to this person in the ways." [18:57] Miskton says, "And I have one more vision to discuss, which... Well, I hope that my first impression of it is wrong." [18:57] Vansiil says, "He murders astral travelers. A lot." [18:57] Powerhaus asks Talliska, "It's more of a concept than a physical person, extra-planar entity I think?" [18:57] Miskton says, "Six towers of light sprang into being about me. They were a glow with chilly starlight, solid and seemingly eternal. Yet as I watched, fissures, dark as the void, spiderwebbed through each of them, causing one to explode in a shower of searing fragments." [18:57] Tozu says, "I don't think anyone really understands him, it's possible he cannot be entirely understood, but a proper discussion of him would be quite long. I don't think now is the time." [18:58] Miskton says, "The remainder resisted. For a time. Until the top of another tower imploded, leaving naught but a ragged stump behind." [18:58] Tozu says to Powerhaus, "A little of both." [18:58] Miskton says, "The remaining four continued to struggle, though the fissures were now a vast network of absolute darkness, until, they too, could stand no more and crumbled into motes of dying light." [18:58] Talliska says to Tozu, "Of course, I can sate my curiosity another day." [18:58] Miskton says to Talliska, "Certainly something worth discussing, but we are running a bit short on time." [18:59] Miskton says, "As to this vision... Well. The first thought that came to my mind, from the towers, is the Moon Mage guild crest." [18:59] Miskton says, "Obviously that does not make for a... happy interpretation." [19:00] Miskton says, "Six towers, under assault by some force, or perhaps unbalanced in the power they're containing. And once some begin to go, the rest follow in fairly short order." [19:00] Visicue says, "Clearly the vision signals the destruction of two guild sites." [19:01] Miskton says, "I believe the last time I brought this up someone mentioned the Zaulfung Stones as another possible interpretation, though it's not much of a more pleasant one." [19:01] Tozu says, "I do not think any of our guilds would fall lightly." [19:01] Tozu says, "But even so..." [19:02] Miskton says, "If the compact DID start to break, internal political forces could potentially cause further damage." [19:03] Tozu says, "We've seen that before. One might argue we're still seeing it." [19:03] Talliska says, "I hope it does not come to that." [19:04] Miskton says, "Activity from the Children of Kalestraum seems like a potential vector by which something like this could start... I'm sure they'd like to see it happen, if they could." [19:04] Tozu says, "Vigilance seems the best course of action until a more tangible threat materializes." [19:05] Tozu says, "There is one other omen, and I do not know if anyone else has noted it." [19:05] Tozu asks, "Has anyone viewed Dergati's Eye since it came into season?" [19:05] Talliska quietly says to Liurilias, "Chifacha." [19:06] Liurilias quietly says to Talliska, "Good evening, Hunter." [19:06] Tozu says, "If you look carefully at the very edge of it, the doomed star has resurfaced." [19:07] Tozu says, "That was what I was showing Raelyka when you invited us to join you." [19:07] Raelyka says to Tozu, "I have been watching it since you pointed it out to me. It's shown before, but not for several decades." [19:07] Miskton says, "Quite a bit of activity in the sky, then." [19:08] Tozu asks, "Do you see it?" [19:08] Raelyka says, "I will look over the records on its past appearances, but not much has been speculated - people tend to study the Eye and not it's victim." [19:09] Miskton says to Tozu, "I'm afraid I haven't reached a point in my studies yet where I've been taught about it." [19:09] Tozu says to Miskton, "It's not something the Guildleaders usually cover." [19:09] Tozu asks, "I wonder why?" [19:09] Nealie asks, "It's victim?" [19:09] Talliska says, "Hmm." [19:09] Vahlissa asks Tozu, "What do you see when you look at the Eye?" [19:10] Tozu says to Vahlissa, "Not the eye, the doomed star just to the edge of it." [19:11] Tozu says, "Do not let me keep you from the Pivuhs." [19:11] Inyasa says to Miskton, "I will be heading to the performance in a few minutes, but I would like to speak with you at some point tonight." [19:11] Tozu says, "Joy is always important, but I wished to note that omen before we scatter." [19:12] Miskton says, "Yes, for anyone who might be interested, there's a pivuh performance that's going to be held outside the theater." [19:12] Miskton says to Inyasa, "Certainly." [19:12] Nealie says, "Oh I thought it had already started." [19:12] Miskton says, "It may well have." [19:12] Inyasa says to you, "And you as well." [19:12] Miskton says, "Hopefully without attracting any kobolds." [19:12] Powerhaus says to Miskton, "Thanks for having another one of these." [19:13] Miskton says to Powerhaus, "It's my pleasure." [19:13] Powerhaus says, "Be weel." [19:13] Talliska says to Miskton, "Yes, thank you. Your vision summaries are always high quality." [19:13] Tozu says to Miskton, "Thank you for hosting these." [19:13] Saisen says to Miskton, "Those are always informative. Thank you for hosting." [19:13] Powerhaus says, "I think I'll try to make that animal show." [19:13] Marssi says, "I always get lost in the visions. I'm terrible at trying to figure them out." [19:13] You tenderly say to Miskton, "Thank you." [19:13] Visicue says, "Indeed, thank you Miskton." [19:13] Inyasa says, "I am also not good with this kind of thing." [19:13] Miskton says to Tozu, "Thank you for attending. Your insight is valuable. As well as your companion." [19:14] Talliska says to Inyasa, "It is good to be able to rely on those who do understand well."

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