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Verb Update: STOW PILE · on 12/23/2011 01:44 PM CST 348
I've just released an update to the STOW verb and how it interacts with piles of collected herbs.

Using STOW PILE will first search the room for a pile created by you and attempt to take items from it. For piles of herbs, it will take the entire pile at once and make a single super herb -- one item with a very high count to it. If they aren't herbs, it continues to act as before by taking a single item from the pile. If you have no piles of your own, current behavior continues by finding the first in the room and taking a single item from it.

While making this update, I found some issues in the collected pile mechanics that were causing piles to not play friendly with STOW. After fixing that, you'll now GET an item from the pile and then PUT it into your container when you STOW, as it was meant to do.

Note: For now, this only affects herbs. I know there's interest in extending it to piles of dirt, but that's currently beyond this update for mechanical reasons.

If you notice anything odd, let me know. This has been in Plat for a while but is now also in Prime and TF.

This message was originally posted in Abilities, Skills and Magic \ Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ZADRAES on the forums.