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Re: Uwresari Gem Update · on 12/03/2014 07:44 AM CST 6405
Harumph. Somehow I missed a bunch of posts in this thread. /ourforums.

Lemme catch up:

>>How else, then, were [Planetary Gems] intended to be used if not to be added to an item via alteration and shown off for their color changing?

That's exactly how they were intended to be used. But unlike most atmo items the item actually changes when it atmos instead of just giving off a room message. The room message is a side effect, not the point.

>>(grazhite changes every 5 or 10 minutes, alternating between the two, in case anyone was wondering)

So, let me address Grazhite. Uwresari gems were one of my earlier coding projects, and so when I decided to add Grazhite I hooked the mana levels from The Ways system and didn't dig too much further into how that system changes (It has an upper and lower limit and the colors just scale between those). It turns out the way that mana changes is both much faster and much more predictable than I would have believed once you dig a little further into how the system works. Had I known then what I know now, I would have likely not created Grazhite or found some better way to control it but since it's already out there and quite popular I've decided to leave it be and take this one as a personal lesson learned.

>>I guess I need to work on my bird collection now instead of celestial gems.

I wouldn't recommend this. Because this:

>>If you're idea of fun is to cause some poor sod PAGES of scroll just because you happen to grace a room with your textual presence you might wanna find a new hobby.

Because here's the secret - if it annoys a lot of other players not only does that mean we here a lot of player complaints, but it annoys staff members any time they interact with you since we're already fighting unbelievable scroll during most events.

>>I'm wondering how many months it'll be before my dawgolite changes again...

Planets are based on proximity and if they're visible. With outer planets that proximity doesn't change very fast. If they're visible or not should still be shifting once a day or so as the planet rises and sets since I redid the planet system. If they're not it's possible rewriting the planets broke the gems, which would make me unhappy so I'd rather have that confirmed by a few people before I dive into that particular piece of code again.

>>The only improvement I'd push for (which affects me not since I have only one item with a bleeding gem) is instead of the generic word "items," you see a list of what items contain the gems.

This gets grammatically... tricky. Again, because of all the different forms it can come in (Loan gem, item with a gem, item made from a gem). I considered it, but decided it wasn't worth the fairly major headache.


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