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Upcoming Prydaen Meet - Aug 1st 2014 · on 07/08/2014 08:30 AM CDT 1478
Hi everyone,

On Friday, August 1st, between 6pm-9pm EST, I'll be opening up my office from Town Green, South. There will be a Lich Gate there that will provide access to an entirely OOC brainstorming event. Please note I said OOC; This is not a roleplaying event. Please do not expect to see GMPCs at this event. GameMasters will be present in text-person.

Tentative agenda(because we follow these, right?):
Meet and Greet
Barrier Quest Q&A
Idea Sharing, Wish Lists, Et al
Take Aways

I only ask that you come with a positive attitude, respect others and their ideas, and bring your Prydaen-centric ideas.

Stuff to think about:
Items - weapons, armor, food, clothing, accessories, toys.
Events - What would be a fun event? Prydaen or just Prydaen related. We want everyone to have fun.
Verbs/Mechanics - New ones, desired changes to current ones.
Merchants - New merchants or wish lists for current Prydaen ones.

If you believe you will be unable to attend the event at all and you'd like to share an idea, please feel free to email what you'd like to share to

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