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Tuesday Tidings - 70 - Wights · on 06/22/2021 18:29 1873
Happy Tuesday, folks!

This week, forager ghouls have foraged up some nastier, range-wielding relatives from the murky depths of the Zaulfung swamp. Along the SE corner of the mire, you'll find a downward slope leading to ... the deep mire! Here, forager wights with bows and slings can spawn. These are a base level of 142, but can have a +/- 3 applied, so 139-145. They're also a little speedier and more aggressive than the ghouls. This again raises the cap for P2 hunting, and some may be able to move from forager ghouls into wights without an in-between critter.

Big thanks to Ulerith for the QC on the area! Happy hunting!

(for the team!)

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