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Tuesday Tidings - 61 - Vineyards · on 04/20/2021 16:51 116
A man dressed in mud-stained clothes rushes through screaming nearly incoherently. You manage to catch something about the wood trolls out Crossing's northeast gate becoming more territorial and pushing out the other nearby beasts. Tangled up in the raving is also rambling about the grendels and cougars thinning the hogs and boars and thus displacing them, as well! Not that you feel he could properly answer questions, but before you even have the chance to ask -- he runs off, still yelling at the top of his lungs, now about the Vineyards.

Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!

This week, Ulerith is beginning the arduous process of updating the hunting outside the northeast gate (like Baearholt's and connected areas). This will likely be several projects over time to clean up the spawners and separate the creatures into their own areas instead of the overlapping chaos it is now. We may also find room down the line to sneak in something new after the great reshuffling and consolidation is sorted!

For this first round, the Vineyards with hogs, boars, cougars, grendels and wood trolls has been adjusted. The area was already nicely laid out for 3 creature tiers with hills separating them, but all 5 of these creatures were roaming together. While they're all low level, some are lower than others and the mix could be frustrating.

Now, on the lowest tier, you'll find the hogs and boars together without the others.
On the middle tier, cougars prowl by day and grendels snuffle by night. Grendels got a gear upgrade and may spawn in pairs!
At the top tier, wood trolls have claimed dominance and pushed the others out entirely. They, too, got a gear upgrade!

By having them separated, the spawn for each will be better since the spawner covers a smaller range. The amount spawned per player was also bumped compared to what it was, but shouldn't be overwhelming for the new folks that wander in!

You may also notice some new messaging for several of the creatures -- a little flavor to bring them to life! (Not just RECALLs, either!)

Big thanks to Ulerith for these updates. This will be a multi-stage project that plays out over time! Behind the scenes, this is nice for us because it will organize the spawners as we go (there are/were over 20 before!) and reduce some duplication/overlapping. This update is live everywhere now!

Next week, folks may be seeking permits for ...something! Stay tuned!

(for the team!)

This message was originally posted in Creatures of Elanthia / Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ZADRAES on the forums.