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Transcendental Necromancy and Transcendence · on 03/06/2014 09:12 AM CST 2124
The baffling thing is not that, through genius and courage, we have improved upon the Immortals' design. No, the baffling thing is that it is such a remarkably easy thing to do.

Kigot did not invent the spells we now associate so strongly with his transcendental ideal, but he is credited with codifying it into a single book. Before Kigot, the Transcendental spells were a disparate group of effects, frankly having more outwardly to do with some forms of draconic magic than the books they were popularly assigned to. It was Kigot's vision that these each represented a step toward the perfection of the Human (his word; it is sometimes argued he was rather racist) form.

Some believe that the transcendent Human is the sum total of the Transcendental Necromancy book, or at least some hand-picked variety of it. They envision transcendence as though every transcendental spell they know was cast with infinite, living Integrity.

Some argue that the transcendent Human is far more than this, and that Transcendental effects should be regarded as helpful metaphors. The enhanced nervous system is not the true transcendent nervous system, but rather a demonstration that another kind of nervous system is possible and is within the domain of our craft.

A rare few argue that Transcendental Necromancy is a red herring, that the route to true transcendence will not be found either in literal standing or in metaphoric inspiration in spellcraft. These voices are not particularly welcomed among the Philosophers.


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