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Tralef and Garnaal · on 03/13/2012 12:11 PM CDT 1799
So I ran into Garnaal yesterday morning on his way to Shard to find Tralef, and he and Tralef ran into each other later last night. He's a bit of history and the past couple of times he showed up. Cut'n'pastes at the bottom.

Lovable Tralef appeared awhile ago in Crossing leading some goblins, she claimed she was raised by them. Who knows if that's true. -Zoluren events from a month ago?

A few days ago she appeared in Riverhaven and robbed a package from Garnaal, assuming it was something very expensive. She was unable to open it, and apparently found that only Garnaal could. After robbing and murdering some people in Haven she said she was headed South(someone said maybe sailing? I think maybe cause she had pirates) Apparently he ran off to her hideout instead, which someone located under a willow tree filled with loot I believe. -see Theren Events for all that.

I showed a little late, but I think Garnaal went to the Crossing empath guild to seek help in recovering his package. He gathered a group and headed south based on that Tralef last said she was headed south. We didn't find anything in Leth, and stopped a bit before the gondola resting a few times. Eventually he left to wait for signs of her.

Talking to him a bit-

He's ancient for a dwarf, apparently he's been in the mine for a long time, possibly a hundred or more years. He is or once was a moon mage, he seemed to imply his power was gone. He spent too much time in the mines so he never found anyone, the moons and the mines are his mistresses Whatever he's working on he feels he's too old to recreate another from scratch without the prototype, and would die before he does. He seemed to imply the plans were in his head, and he could or may teach whatever it is he knows how to make to one person before he passes on. If he had the prototype he could make more, and seemed to plan to, but whatever it is is expensive and would require a substantial amount of money. Whatever it is, it is made of metal, and is most likely imbued with magic, probably lunar.

Then last night she and he met up(i showed late), eventually he managed to get the package from her, so that he could open it. He ran off, because apparently it needs to be some place safe/special to open it, otherwise it's dangerous. I guess this upset her and she stole it out of his hands(?) because she thought he tricked her(i'm thinking he did), so she offed him from the shadows and disappeared. After Garnaal got back on his feet, Tralef gwethed about finding a nice spot to relax in Shard, so Garnaal slowly made his way toward there, rested up a bit before the bridge, and then charged off into town waving his sword without us. We couldn't find any sign of her or him after that.

Garnaal says, "I have to get it back. I have to take it home."

Garnaal says, "So much time alone. In the mine, with the moons." Garnaal says, "But I did it. I finally did it." Atazai asks, "You got moons in a mine?" Atazai asks, "How did they fit in there?" Garnaal exclaims, "No!" Garnaal says, "Not in the mine." Garnaal says, "They changed it though. Yes, with my magic." Garnaal says, "Yes, we will get it back." Aharilyn asks, "Were you able to harness the moonlight in a new way?" Garnaal says, "I won't tell you my secret! It's mine." Garnaal asks, "Then that is where she will go?" Garnaal says, "She will ruin it if she tries to open it! She doesn't know how." Garnaal says, "It must be done carefully." Garnaal says, "My fingers know how. My words." Garnaal says, "Dangerous? No. Not anymore." (on is what's inside dangerous) Bazzo asks, "Not anymore?" Garnaal says, "Once, maybe. I made things go boom." Garnaal says, "Burnt my beard. Years to grow that back." Garnaal rubs at his right leg, muttering under his breath about humans and beards. Garnaal says, "It's been so long. So long." Garnaal says, "I couldn't go back until I had finished." Garnaal says, "I couldn't face the laughter." Garnaal says, "I should have been more careful." Garnaal says, "Careless, I was careless." Garnaal says, "I do not tinker, I make." Garnaal says, "And I made it. Them. They're beautiful." Garnaal says, "No, no. I have used the moons to create more beauty." Garnaal says, "You will see. They will see." Garnaal nods. Garnaal says, "When I get it back. When I open it at home." Garnaal says, "I will sell them, my lovely creations." Garnaal nods. Garnaal says, "And people will know I did it." Aharilyn asks, "Do they.... bite?" Garnaal says, "No, I would not mess with life. Dangerous that." Garnaal exclaims, "I am not a Necromancer to play with life!" Garnaal says, "I used my hands to shape the metal, I used my magic to give it beauty." Bazzo says to Garnaal, "Don't forget to give free ones to those that might have helped you along the way." Garnaal says, "I will do work for the one who hands me back my package." Garnaal says, "Beautiful work." Garnaal says, "Because it was mad, they said. Mad to use the moonlight that way." Garnaal says, "I knew I could do it." Garnaal says, "I knew it could hold if done right. All those years of study." Garnaal says, "They didn't believe me, they laughed. Take up something useful. Make jewelry." Garnaal makes a grunting noise. Garnaal says, "Oh, I have. I have." Garnaal cackles! >mychar thinks he sounds a bit more and more like hobglup as time goes on Garnaal says, "You will see. You will all see when...when it's mine again." Garnaal says, "If we find her. I must find her." Garnaal takes a sip of his beer. Bazzo says, "You said it was all of ours." Garnaal exclaims, "Only if you get it first!" Garnaal says, "Or can pay, yes, pay." Garnaal says, "I must have coin to make more." Garnaal says, "Eat them? Eat my creations? No." Garnaal says, "I only wished to change it...shape it." Garnaal says, "If she is not here yet, perhaps I should rest. Rest and regain my strength to face her again." Garnaal says, "She doesn't want me, but she needs me." Garnaal cackles! Garnaal says, "Yes, she needs me." Garnaal says, "Yes, magic holds it inside." Garnaal says, "All inside." Garnaal says, "I know the words, I remember that." Garnaal taps his head. Garnaal says, "That is one thing I remember." Garnaal cackles! Garnaal says, "Oh, to buy my work. Yes." Garnaal exclaims, "I cannot give it away!" Garnaal taps his head. Garnaal says, "That is one thing I remember." Garnaal cackles! Atazai asks, "Did you have buyers lined up?" Garnaal takes a sip of his beer. Garnaal says, "No, but they will come. They will buy." Garnaal says, "I know they will." Garnaal says, "It will cost coins. My work will not be cheap. Unless you hand me my package." Garnaal says, "Then I will do a piece for free. Just for that person." Garnaal exclaims, "I need it!" Garnaal says, "Years, so many years." Garnaal says, "I cannot start over now." Garnaal says, "Yes, my notes" Garnaal cackles! Garnaal says, "Only I know how to make, but I cannot make it all again, not now. There might not be time." Garnaal says, "I am old." Garnaal says, "They're in my head. Maybe before I die, I will share with one person." Garnaal gazes off into the distance. Garnaal says, "Or maybe I will take them with me." Garnaal exclaims, "It took me so long to make it right!" Garnaal says, "I should rest. Rest and be ready. I imagine she will come. She will need me."

then later that night...

[Obsidian Pass, Mountain Trail] The trail from the south comes to an end at a half-built stone tower on the edge of a chasm. Above the unfinished walls of the tower rise two granite pillars, from which thick ropes extend hundreds of feet across the canyon. Large metal pulleys suspended between the pillars creak as they turn ceaselessly. You also see a sapphire-eyed black panther that is sitting and a door in the tower. Also here: Ruea, Gambler Osus, Leaf Chaser Etherian, Mistress of Defense Kattena, Archmage Malzard, Thief Kemosiris, War Witch Heartsfyre, Steel Heart Cyiarriah, Garnaal and Lovable Tralef. Obvious paths: southwest.

Tralef says, "Well, start." Garnaal says, "Must not rush it or it will be ruined." Garnaal cackles to himself! Garnaal goes southwest, leading his group.

Garnaal exclaims, "I'm old, I don't run fast anymore!" Garnaal exclaims, "No!" (i'm guessing she stoles the package back here) heads back northeast

Garnaal exclaims, "You stole it again!" Garnaal begins to advance on Tralef. Tralef puts her package in her black sack. Garnaal waves a broadsword around. Garnaal closes to pole weapon range on Tralef. Tralef says, "You said you'd open it." You hear a voice say, "You lied."

Garnaal exclaims, "No, no. I will open it!"

Tralef leaps from hiding and ambushes Garnaal! Tralef lands an apocalyptic strike (So that's what it felt like when Grazhir shattered!) that slices through the neck and sends Garnaal's head flying through the air.

  • Garnaal is slain before your eyes!

Garnaal's broadsword falls to the ground.

You hear the ghostly voice of Garnaal exclaim, "It won't do you any good!" You hear a voice say, "Yes, it will." You hear a voice say, "You won't get it back."

He departed, redressed, and got back up and headed toward Shard after she gwethed, he rested a bit outside the North gate bridge before:

Garnaal waves his broadsword around and goes charging off, despite the tired look in his eyes. Garnaal just went south.

And with that he was gone, and Tralef left shortly after that.

They're both kind of cracked and suspisciously evil, and I think the last time a crazy dwarf wanted to show his work to prove himself after being laughed at, he made a bunch of sweet cup and ball toys. So I fully welcome our new eccentric friends.

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