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Re: Trading Experience Tweak · on 3/11/2011 10:00:58 AM 264

Live in Prime & Plat. TF will probably follow tomorrow once I have had a chance to observe the results.

I made a few more tweaks this morning.

(1) Fixed a bug in bundles that was causing incorrect experience totals, especially with tied bundles. Also fixed a bug that was granting more experience for breaking up bundles into smaller units and selling them that way.

(2) Adjusted route experience again. I made three basic changes:
 1. The longer hauls should be better xp overall, although this aspect is definitely still being monitored since it is the touchiest.
 2. The minimum possible xp is higher.
 3. Trading experience is often not award as a lump sum, but as pulses over time, most commonly at higher levels. The potential xp per pulse has been tripled since the new experience system can accomidate larger awards, and although this will not increase the total xp awarded, it should at least get the full experience awarded in a more timely manner while still minimizing the risk of overflow (and the resulting lost xp).

(3) Tweaked pawn shop sales a bit more to be a little more friendly to low level folks. Please note that the best cost/benefit for pawning things is to pawn things of value realistic to your level. Pawning a 80 kronar scimitar is going to be almost as rewarding to a 1st circle trader as pawning a 2 plat suit of full plate. This is because the xp per sale is capped based on level -- this is not new, and in fact has been drastically reduced in impact but not removed. As traders gain level, they can benefit more from increasingly expensive pawn items, up to the pawn limit for the shop. Note that the pawn system is primarily intended to help low level traders get a solid start, although any trader can use it for a quick xp boost.

- GM Dartenian

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