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Re: Tentative Empath Magic 3.0 Spell List · on 2/8/2011 9:17:23 PM 4696
>>Lethargy - I did not see 'will remain the same' in the description. What if anything is being tweaked? Whatever effect makes it easier to hit critters is essential to my hunting. I would urge you to leave it untouched.

It should be what it says on the tin. You make a good point though. I'll ask about it. Vigor will be castable on others, though, so if nothing else you can buff yourself or whatever is attacking on your behalf instead of just debuffing the foe.

>>Mental Focus - Is it castable on others?


>>Adaptive Curing - Can a powerful cast cure more than one ailment before dispelling?

It will act like a cast of cure disease or flush poison, not both at once, I don't think.


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