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Taramaine & Mortom · on 03/17/2013 02:22 AM CDT 646
>1:20ish am sunday march 17th

You glance outside. The sky is clear.

It has been 408 years, 149 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. It is the 4th month of Shorka the Cobra in the year of the Golden Panther. It is currently spring and it is mid-afternoon. You're positive it's 13 roisaen before the Anlas of Meraud's Cloak.

[Moon Mage Guild, Guildmaster's Chamber] Tropical birds nest in marble creches flanking this wide hall, sometimes fluttering through the air beneath the crystal skylights far above. Soft harp music can faintly be heard in the air, and a gentle breeze carries the scent of pears and pineapples. A silver dais sits at the head of the hall, a throne for the city's Moon Mage guildleader. You also see an ebony scroll. Also here: Pharstar, Guildmaster Prime Taramaine and Guildleader Mortom. Obvious exits: south.

You see Guildmaster Prime Taramaine Ennis-Braun, an Elf. Taramaine has silver eyes. His white hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn

loose. He has pale skin. He appears to be archaic. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a moonstone gwethdesuan, a dusky leather tome satchel, regal robes woven from rich purple and golden silks, a belt of finely woven platinum chain and a golden medallion engraved with the seal of the Moon Mage Guild.

You see Guildleader Mortom Saist of Elanthia, a Human Moon Mage. Mortom has silver eyes. He has thinning grey hair, with pale skin. He appears to be elderly. He is clean shaven. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a moonstone gwethdesuan, a tinted bone-rimmed monocle, some ornate crimson robes trimmed with a pattern of white and black triangles, a leather tome satchel and a pair of doeskin slippers.

Mortom says, "You did not have the right."

Taramaine says, "I have every right."

Taramaine says, "Do not forgoet."

Taramaine says, "Do not forget who you are talking to and your palce."

Mortom says, "I know my place quite well."

Mortom says, "Perhaps you have forgotten why you hold your title."

Taramaine glares at Mortom.

Taramaine says to Mortom, "Be careful with your next words."

Taramaine says to Mortom, "The agreement is already in place, and I care not for your plans."

Taramaine says to Mortom, "But if you hold your tongue I may still let you save some face."

Mortom takes a moment to calm himself.

Pharstar says, "Excuse me, esteemed sirs, but students are agitated." > Taramaine asks Pharstar, "Excuse me?" > Taramaine asks Pharstar, "Did I address you?"

Pharstar gazes down at the floor.

Mortom glances at Pharstar somewhat sympathetically.

Taramaine says to Pharstar, "Now if you had a bit of the sense Kssarh claims to have drilled into you, you would realize this discussion does not involve you."

Pharstar gives a slight nod.

Mortom whispers, "Best hold your tongue, he's in one of those moods."

Taramaine glances at Mortom.

Taramaine asks Mortom, "Need I say more, or are we clear?"

Taramaine says to Mortom, "You'll know when I'm ready for you. Have Tozu send me his designs."

Mortom rubs a tinted bone-rimmed monocle.

Mortom says to Taramaine, "Yes, yes, I understand."

You bow to Taramaine.

You bow to Mortom.

Mortom says to Taramaine, "I still think this is a mistake and we could put it to better use than currying some favor."

Mortom nods to you.

Taramaine pointedly ignores you.

Taramaine exclaims to Mortom, "I do not care what you think, you've lost your right to make decisions like that - if you ever had it at all!"

Mortom inhales a great swallow of air.

Mortom slowly empties his lungs.

Mortom says, "Perhaps you are right. I will not argue further."

Taramaine nods to Mortom.

Taramaine says, "Good."

Guildmaster Prime Taramaine goes south.

Pharstar slowly empties his lungs.

Mortom shakes his head.

Mortom says to Pharstar, "You should know better than that."

Pharstar says to Mortom, "I studied with you."

Pharstar smiles slightly.

Mortom says, "All the more reason."

Pharstar says, "It was true, though. The students were agitated."

Mortom asks, "About what now?"

Pharstar says, "They share your concerns. I do as well."

Mortom says to Pharstar, "I very much doubt that."

Pharstar shrugs.

Mortom says to Pharstar, "You know not what my concerns are."

Pharstar says, "I am not privy to all of them, certainly."

Pharstar says, "But everyone is concerned about the shard."

Mortom says, "It is no concern of theirs."

Pharstar gives a slight nod.

Mortom says, "And there is nothing to be concerned about, it is safe."

Mortom says, "And it will be put to... a use."

Pharstar says, "The safety of the shard is unquestioned. The use is what concerns everyone."

Mortom asks, "What, exactly, are you concerned about?"

Mortom asks, "Are you worried that our esteemed Guildmaster Prime will not put it to a good use?"

Pharstar says, "Those of us who have been taught to navigate the astral ways know too well the value of a shard."

Pharstar says, "I am afraid what I overheard does not assuage my fears that it will be placed somewhere that provides little benefit to the mages who can access the astral ways."

Mortom asks you, "And you? Are you agitated?"

You say, "I would be very interested in witnessing a naming ritual if there is to be one."

You say, "Other than that agitation is not how I would describe my feelings."

Mortom nods to you.

Mortom says, "A healthy interest."

Mortom says, "This one will be Named, of that I am certain."

Mortom says, "Beyond that I am uncertain of Taramaine's plans."

Pharstar rubs his left ear.

You lower your eyelids slightly, searching your mind.

Pharstar says, "A lack of certainty is just room for probability, to quote you."

Mortom smirks.

Mortom says, "Indeed."

Mortom says, "I would not worry overly much for the shard."

Mortom studies an ebony scroll.

Pharstar says to Mortom, "I abstain from the politics of it all, but that does not preclude interest."

Pharstar studies an ebony scroll.

Mortom says to Pharstar, "What a quaint notion."

Pharstar raises an eyebrow.

Elriic just arrived, leading his group.

Elriic bows to Mortom.

Mortom glances at Elriic.

Mortom says to Digmo, "So you were able to recall where my guild was afterall."

Linett appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Digmo smiles at Mortom.

Pharstar says to Mortom, "Every time I have gotten involved in politics, be it provincial or guild, I wonder why I do."

Digmo says, "Sometimes my old brain need a little kick start."

Mortom says to Pharstar, "I was meaning your belief that you can abstain."

Pharstar sighs.

Elriic says to Mortom, "Pardon my intrusion. I was hoping if the Shard recovered recently was to receive its name I could hear it when it was announced. I assisted your apprentice in recovering it."

Mortom says to Digmo, "I'm sure Kssarh would be happy to provide such any time it is needed."

Mortom says to Elriic, "Yes, he mentioned your aid, you have my thanks."

Digmo smiles at Mortom.

Digmo says, "Doubtless."

Pharstar asks Mortom, "You believe Master Taramine will drag us into another Council war?"

Mortom peers quizzically at Pharstar.

Mortom asks Pharstar, "A council war?"

Pharstar says, "With everyone dividing into factions and doing horrible things and completely forgetting the why of it all."

Mortom asks Pharstar, "Would we not need a council first?"

Pharstar looks at Mortom and shrugs.

Pharstar asks Mortom, "Has an absence of structure ever prevented chaos?"

Mortom says to Pharstar, "Your uninvolvement in politics shows."

Pharstar nods at Mortom, obviously agreeing with his views.

Mortom says, "The lack of a council does not at all imply a lack of structure."

Mortom says, "Without a council the decisions are much less diverse."

Pharstar says, "You will forgive me that I do not find that at all reassuring given the way

Master Taramaine stormed out of here."

Mortom adjusts his monocle and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Mortom says, "He is a complex man, and he is a man with faults."

Mortom says, "But he has lead us through many troubled times, and we still stand."

Mortom says, "For all that I may have disagreements with him, that is worth remembering."

Pharstar gives Mortom a slight nod.

Mortom says to Pharstar, "I do not know if that will ease your agitation."

Mortom says to Pharstar, "But I have little more to offer."

Pharstar says to Mortom, "Sage advice is ever appreciated."

Mortom nods.

Mortom says, "Now, I believe we all have better things to do then stand around bemoaning what is."

Digmo says, "If ever I can do some small thing to help, just send word."

Digmo smiles at Mortom.

Mortom says to Digmo, "I would expect no less."

Digmo nods.

Pharstar says to Mortom, "Perhaps next time, when he is not so angry, you might mention to

Master Taramaine that many of us did not study under Kssarh."

Mortom peers quizzically at Pharstar.

Pharstar says, "I rather dislike being defenestrated, personally."

Mortom says to Pharstar, "For all his faults Kssarh is a brilliant mage."

Mortom says to Pharstar, "You are missing you on his instruction."

Mortom says, "Though I do recommend standing more than an arm's length away at all times."

Mortom smirks.

Elriic says to Mortom, "We're from different guilds ourselves, but keeping the shards of Grazhir safe is something which concerns us all. If we can assist, we'll be there as well."

Pharstar gives a slight nod.

Digmo grins.

Juleanne nods at Elriic, obviously agreeing with his views.

Mortom says to Elriic, "As I've already said, the shard is perfectly safe."

Elriic says to Mortom, "I was more referring to any potential new pieces which wash up."

Mortom says to Elriic, "You've likely seen the only one you will in your lifetime."

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