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  • QUEST INFO: Information on quests you have signed up for.
  • QUEST INFO {#}: Specific information and policy regarding a quest you have signed up for.
See QUEST INFO for numbers.
  • QUEST POLICY: General Quest Policy.
  • QUEST DEATH: Policy regarding Death and Treasure.
  • QUEST KNOWLEDGE: Policy regarding Previous Knowledge
  • QUEST HELP: General help for the provided quest or event
  • QUEST NEXUS: Transports you to the quest nexus
  • QUEST STATUS: Displays the quest nexus queues

If you sign up the day of a quest, you *must* log out and back in for the game to recognize the new signup. Some quests may gather you up to 15 minutes before the start time, so it's vital that you do this ASAP.

Spring Promotion 2020 Usage

  • QUEST CLAIM: Spawns a quest orb for you for FREE, and you can do it once per RL hour. This will be Premium only until 4/9 -- will auto open to all subs at midnight Wednesday night / Thursday morning. F2P cannot access the system at this time, but we'll be adding the orbs to the SimuCoin store on the website in the future for everyone after the promo preview ends.

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